A Short Visit to the Pacquiao's

That Thursday when our visitors from Iloilo arrived, my mind was already racing on how we can make them enjoy their stay. Three of them has arrived while it was the son and his wife who weren't able to visit General Santos beforehand, hence, their first time. I was thinking of the places where we could bring them, as there are a lot in General Santos and even more in neighboring towns, however, we do not have the luxury of time and the convenience since our car has gone to bonkers. So we thought of bringing them to somewhere nearer.

Our Pambansang Kamao, so to speak, is just a nearby neighbor. He's just a trike away so while he was in the US for his training in preparation for his victorious win against Mosley, we visited his mansion. There are strict security personnel in this mansion but a good friend of mine has allowed us to get inside the premises and take a peek on it.

This is the facade of Pacman's mansion. We weren't allowed to go inside the house because obviously, the rightful owners weren't around and the caretakers were the only ones inside the compound.

The very huge lawn made my eyes water. How lucky one can get. Manny's history of selling pan de sal has paid off, his being a very dedicated son and very industrious personality made him win against his family's poverty. I hope many people get to be inspired because of his story.

The Pacman mansion's wide garden is every woman's dream, lots of flowers, manicured lawn, and a large wall for the orchids they have. The mini bridge installed is nice for nighttime viewing with colored lights on the water.

A small lanais can be found on the back portion of the mansion. There inside were pictures of the champion in all his glory. A part of this, there were treadmills and health and fitness equipment where he, as a health buff, sometimes frequent, aside from his studio/gym where all his other exercise equipment were stored.

I am sure you have heard of the boxing-glove shaped pool. It was actually a small pool, but it has character. One who dips into it will surely be knocked out. Haha, just kidding.

And his cars, of course. I wasn't paying much attention to the other cars because there were actually four of them lined up. But our eyes were glued on this Hummer. Black, sleek, automatic and mouth-watering. yes, how i wish that one day, I could ride in a Hummer.

And of course the Benz.

As we toured the Pacman mansion, I could only say oooh and aaah. Manny deserves all this because of his generous heart and his respect for other people. For sure, he has a good heart, and on the morning when the Lord opened the gates of Heaven to pour down His blessings, He woke Manny first.

Congratulations, Manny! Mabuhay ka, Manny Pacquiao!


mordsith said…
sobrang nakakaaliw naman ang pictures niyo! parang ang sarap mangarap na diyan ako nakatira. hehe. invite ko kayo sa loob pag ako na may ari. =D
kg said…
yan ang bunga ng pagpapabugbog at pagbugbog nya! he he!

sana may ganyan din akong bahay!
witsandnuts said…
Naalala ko yung recent interview nya, sayang daw yung "income" kaya hindi muna sya magre-retire. But really, he deserves all the blessings. He works hard. At least hindi sya corrupt unlike the other congressmen. Btw, do they allow walk-in visitors?
Regina said…
wow ang laki ng house niya! I think i saw this house featured in tv na before. Ang ganda ng garden, and ang ganda ng hummer! yes, he deserves it nga. and he's generous too.
Irene said…
I rode a Hummer for a day. It was owned by a Malaysian friend. Na amuse siya coz I was like a kid freakin' out coz I was finally able to ride a Hummer in this lifetime! LOL
kayni said…
ganda naman ang bahay ni Pacman.
Chyng said…
wow, ang mansion ni manny!
that costs P149M daw. it really pays to work hard and just have faith. Ü
Photo Cache said…
wow that is a mansion. sana once a year or something it would be open for visitors.
upto6only said…
nice house sayang wala kang pic sa luob. open pala ang house nila sa outsider.
Anonymous said…
talagang kahanga hanga ang buhay ni cong. manny, from rag to richest talaga.
sheng said…
@Anonymous: Yes, kahanga-hanga nga ang buhay ni Pacquiao, I hope he remains humble all through his life.

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