Fifth Mountain of B'lakayo Adventure Park - Adventure You Shouldn't Miss

After the Sunday-Monday job fair we held in a huge mall here in our place, I was already making reports on Tuesday, trying to finish what could be a report needed by the officials for reporting to the media.

I was so stressed that I could not keep myself from staying put in a place, thus, the report seemed endless to make. Add that to the fact that my mind was actually racing for where I could bring our visiting relatives in order to enjoy General Santos City.

So that Wednesday morning when I announced that the husband will bring them to try the zipline of the nearest barangay, the guests were ecstatic. And I was booking their trip to the venue, but my mind was on the report. Until I finally gave up on thinking about the report and decided to join them.

stairway up the Fifth Mountain

We went riding Ric's cousin's Tamaraw FX, until we reached a part where our vehicle cannot make it anymore. 4x4 vehicles can climb up the top but in case you don't have one, there are plenty of habal-habal in Conel which you can pay for a fee and will deliver you going up Fifth Mountain. Trek is actually 30 or more minutes for a fast trekker.

The road is actually steep and rocky, but you will enjoy the cool breeze of the wind and the conversation along the way.

From the Fifth Mountain headquarters, the crew will place harness and other safety gears on you, then you will be directed to another steep hill which is about 7-10 minutes of hike.

the hike to the zipline platform no. 1

inverted zip, bat style

From the platform, the crew will instruct you on what to do and what not to do. It's actually a nice feeling to be told of their adherence to safety standards that you won't feel any fright in taking the zip. Someone from their group will be the first to try the zip and do the demo. This one's an inverted zip which I wanted to try but was not possible because of certain considerations they had.

Take a look at the zipline. This is the actual length of the zip you will be enjoying and the view down below. There are two zips for the cost of P250. The first one measures about 800 meters going to the platform of the second zip, and from the second platform which measures 400 meters, the zip will bring you back to the hill where the headquarters is located.

That's me on the first zip! And what nice greenery down below.

Yhing was a bit nervous as this was his first try, all of them first timers for the zipline. They were a bit reluctant at doing it but they could feel so much pressure from us, convincing them to try. It was a nice feeling having to conquer acrophobia, the fear of heights and astrophobia, the fear of space.

Nong Mario, 50-ish, marine chief engineer, successfully conquering space after all of our badgering. He was careful not to show how frightful he was of heights. Haha.

And on the second zip, Yhing was already smiling.

It was a nice feeling. The zip ride took us less than thirty seconds but it was the most enjoyable thirty seconds up in the air. Our guests were fascinated and they will sure be back to bring their whole family to try this adventure.

After the zip ride, the stress I have felt earlier seemed to have vanished. And when I got back to work that afternoon, there I was, pressing my brain again for the report. Easier, this time.

Visit Fifth Mountain of B'lakayo Adventure Park
Purok B'lakayo, Olympog, Gen. Santos City
or email them at:


kg said…
i have got to try that!!!!

dyanie tara na sa gen san! :)
upto6only said…
oh my hindi ko kaya yan. grabe
bertN said…
Inverted zip? No thanks!
mordsith said…
i really have got to try zipline. naiinggit ako sa mga pictures niyo!
SunnyToast said…
Gusto kng try yang inverted zip, bat style:)

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