All I Want for Christmas

'Tis the Christmas season! And my good blogger friend Prinsesa Musang is holding a christmas gift-swapping among bloggers and even to non-bloggers. It is a good way to know more friends and meet new people.

Hop on over to her blog to read the mechanics, and here's mine for what I want this Christmas!

Something small: a notebook or pen

Something big: espadrilles shoes, size 5

Something cute: hair accessories

Something soft: marshmallows?

Something techie: iPhone4? Haha

Something fancy: fashion accessories, no loop and dangling earrings please

Something (insert your favorite color): RED

Something wearable: red shirt

Something you need: new pair of flipflops

Something you can use for work: organizer

Something sweet: Cadbury Zip, Snickers with Almonds

All I Want For Christmas:

Well, since world peace is overrated, I'd rather get myself a new phone, hahaha. I hope to get myself an Android one, in due time. No rush though! Lotsa things to prioritize!


upto6only said…
can't wait for this event super excited na ako :)
dong ho said…
interesting! iphone4! yihaa!
jeanny said…
Nice set of wishlist. The iphone is so so cool! :)
kayni said…
this reminds me, i need to do mine. nice wish list.
princess_dyanie said…
sheng! alam ko P200 lang ang gift dapat ah. ang mahal nung sayo hahahaha!! :))
sheng said…
@dyanie, hahaha, wish list lang naman, hehhehe...
kg said…
wow sheng...pati font red! so christmasy! he he!
eks said…
pag ako nakakuha sa iyo, papdalhan kita ng isang truck ng cadburry at snickers! :-D

and don;t worry bout sollenn, kahit hindi naka-box, ok lang. :D
Lawstude said…
gusto ko din iphone4. i miss my iphone na tinangaw ng dagat lol. pero pwede na yung snickers yumyum.
witsandnuts said…
iPhone 4! Hahaha, exceeds the limit. Anyway, I hope to post my wish list soon. :)
Anonymous said…
big na ba yung size 5 sheng? haha
ceemee said…
Hi Sheng! Please let me know if you have received my gift package. Thanks! Merry Christmas!

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