What If?

‘What’ and ‘if’ are two words
as nonthreatening as words come.

But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life:

‘What if?’…”

-Letters to Juliet

I was in tears yesterday because of this movie, it came as a light movie, but was powerful it actually moved me. Love comes without season, nor reason. This may be a cheesy flick, but I urge you to watch this movie, there's more to love than the pains of a broken heart. What if? And if I am to say something, What if I have not loved you, then I would not have the two most beautiful people in my life, Biboy and Tabebs.

What's your favorite love quote? Would you mind sharing them to me?


kg said…
we will always have those "what-ifs" in our lives, sheng, positive man o negative, insignificant or not.
orman said…
i really have to watch this movie na!
witsandnuts said…
I haven't seen this but I've read the "what" and "if" from the synopsis from the videoshoppe. I have a lot of favorite quotes from the movies (and even from songs).
dong ho said…
isip muna ako. hahaha... na pressure.
bertN said…
When I was a freshman in college, one of our professors always reminded us to study hard and get our degrees before even thinking of marriage because "love cannot thrive on an empty stomach." I never believed that nonsense but I gave it much though. I think love is so much better when there is nothing to share but love. What say you?
jeanny said…
I watched this movie. I find it cute. :)

HAve you watch Dear John. I love Amanda Seyfried more here. :)

Enjoy the rest of the week SHengskie!
what if's? its a choice left unsolved for both alternatives.
eks said…
hi, sheng, censya namahaba ang i-paste ko. i find it necessary to cut-n-paste the whole thing. gusto ko lang i-share din sa iyo. :-)

Point is, what’s so wonderful is that every one of these flowers has a specific relationship with the insect that pollinates it. There’s a certain orchid look exactly like a certain insect so the insect is drawn to this flower, its double, its soul mate, and wants nothing more than to make love to it. And after the insect flies off, spots another soul-mate flower and makes love to it, thus pollinating it. And neither the flower nor the insect will ever understand the significance of their lovemaking. I mean, how could they know that because of their little dance the world lives? But it does. By simply doing what they’re designed to do, something large and magnificent happens. In this sense they show us how to live - how the only barometer you have is your heart. How, when *you spot your flower, you can’t let anything get in your way. *

–John Laroche, Adaptation
docgelo said…
this post just suggested my next movie to download on line.
there are times that men have to watch cheesy flicks to understand more about women, love and life in general.

my peborit love quote? hmmm...

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