A Night of People and Foam

Last Saturday was a busy day for General Santos City as Robinsons place-Gensan celebrated its first year anniversary with a bang. There were fireworks and bands on the al fresco strip, while other establishments have some parties as well.

Husband and I were invited to a foam party. Well, am not really fond of going to parties and social events, but then, some people said foam parties are fun, and I wanted to experience it. Thanks to Bariles for the free complimentary tickets, we were able to experience how a foam party is celebrated.

There were lots of people, teenagers, yuppies and even adults were crowding in the huge East Asia Royale Hotel Parking Area cum party area that night. It was the highlight of Oktoberfest and San Miguel Beer was holding a Rocksteddy concert for the party people of the city.

This tube creating soap suds and foam are the favorite place of the party goers. They get to surround the area underneath the three tubes, and getting soaked with all the bubbles they could get their skin to. There were so many people that the crowd just can't get enough of each others' attention.

The crowd even got more hyper when Teddy of Rocksteddy began rocking the night away. He was able to sing a number of songs which I was familiar to, but then, as I am not a fan of their band, I was not able to sing along with them to most songs.

I'd say Teddy was able to make the crowds enjoy because everyone gets to shout "Sample, sample!" once he stops to ask the crowd if the list they sang was enough. Teddy was good and he has improved his showmanship, I guess because of his hosting gigs at Showtime.

To be honest, I was kind of disturbed at the number of teenagers I saw at the foam party. I could not stop comparing my time to their time. My time was the disco, and even with that low-tech blinding disco ball, I was pretty afraid to get to those kinds of parties because my parents wouldn't allow me; worse, they would get me straight from the event, dragging me home. Besides, we don't have that much luxury of paying for a disco entrance ticket. But these kids, whoa! They were there, and they paid P150 for the entrance fee, of course with extra money to pay for their beers and everything.

I was actually hesitant to go, but I wanted to have a look, and what my eyes saw, I didn't like. The company I was with were all mature people who have jobs and families, we can always say we can go to such parties to enjoy because we can afford that.

But them? Underage kids were flooding the place, and I wonder if their parents know they were there. Hmmm...

Nevertheless, we had fun watching Rocksteddy, it was a night of people, and foam!

Thanks to Brian Dan Congson for all the pictures used in this post.


Envy Me Salon said…
had fun with you too ate sheng :) i totally agree with you... i consider myself a late bloomer because i don't go to such parties when i was a student :) hehehehehe
Jeanny said…
that looks fun Sheng. I used to love going to paries like this kaso sawa na yata ako..or tumatanda na ko hehehe.
princess_dyanie said…
omigosh i haven't been to a foam party! kung sabagay di naman ako ma party haha :))
kg said…
pwede na maligo! he! he!

sheng...kinakabahan ako sa kids today. promise!
mordsith said…
Hi sheng! My last, and only, foam party I had was 8 years ago! (tanda ko na!) Anyway, it was really fun, especially for me, coz I like playing around! Nadulas pa nga ako e. hehe.
BlogusVox said…
I think I won't enjoy this one. My party days was over. Hanggang "folk house" na lang siguro ako. : )

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