Better Safe Than Sorry (Story No. 1)

Yes, I'd say one must better be safe than sorry.

When dengue cases erupted and death rates scored the statistics to its highest, I was scared for the kids and myself. The neighborhood around MIL's place have a stagnant or "not-fast-running water" on the ditch. We make it a point to clean the ditch every now and then but for some unknown reasons, the neighbors a few blocks away keep blocking its flow. Hence, water does not really flow fast and stagnates, allowing for the reproduction of mosquitoes.

We have been living there for more than ten years already and only going home to our own house during the weekends or long holidays. I'd say the mosquito bites bring the itch but who knows when it will bring the dengue virus, right?

So as a mother, I make it a point to keep safe the kids and use the mosquito net. We have it handy since we got kids and I do not allow my kids to be exposed without the mosquito repellent. For the information of all, I am a mosquito-hater. I hate them and I do not understand why they love bugging me. I get pestered by them and I feel like they race to get to me first.

So, during the evenings, we use the mosquito net to keep mosquitoes away from my kids. It's sure better to be safe than sorry.

And here's one story, I have a good friend who uses the net for comfort. She and her entire family cannot sleep without the feel of the net on their feet and tiny toes. I think they consider it their comfort thing... substitute for the comfort blanket. And last week, thanks to the MIL, she gave me a new mosquito net for the kids! Whoa!

Do you use mosquito nets too? What do you do to keep away from these tiny pests?


eks said…
before, yes, we do use mosquito nets. that was when we were still in batangas. we cannot sleep without the mosquito net -- mainit man o malamig. :-)
jeanny said…
Yesterday may nakita akon mosquito net sa SM. Sabi ko ke hubz, parang sarap matulog with mosquito net. Namiss ko na ang paggamit ng kulambo. :)

Happy MOnday Shengskie.
I have stayed in a hotel in Bali with a four-poster bed. What seemed like curtains were actually mosquito nets! Nindot jud kaayo. In the daytime, they'd be tied to the posts like curtains; at night, they'd be let down (all the way to the floor) to keep you safe from mosquitos.

In Malaysia, uso ang electric mosquito killers. Murag katol ang effect but you plug it in and you slot in a refill.
kg said…
di na kami nagmo-mosquito nets sheng. walang pagsasabitan. he he!
dong ho said…
oo nga. gamit na gamit to. ngayon kasi baygon na ang katapat at least there's something new to offer.
mightydacz said…
hi sheng how are you?oh wow the mosquito net alam mo ba yan ay uber gamit ko hindi sa lamok kung di sa paa rubbing my toes on the net gave me a natural high lol hindi ako makatulog na wala yan pero ngayon hindi na nakakahiya ng magbitbit sa saudi nyan lol simula ng magcollege ako natigil ko na ang bisyong yan nakakahiya rin sa mga ka dormate lol
Ann said…
When I was young, it was a neccessity in my grand parents' place in the village. Now in Singapore, they sell it as a decor, for romantic reasons.

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