Somewhere in the Philippines

As if I am not drowning in readings, learnings and work, I have decided to create another blog. The question is where I can rob time to add to my days to make it longer so I could fulfill many of these tasks I am liable of finishing. 

Somewhere in the Philippines was born yesterday, May 11, for the reason that I want to showcase my husband's captured pictures from his/our trips anywhere in the Philippines. We are not really travelers so to speak, but we can inform the world through our pictures, that there is something good somewhere in the Philippines. 

I believe I can make use of my husband's talent and creativity here, so the photo credits are his, all his, what's mine is all these blah blah.

So there, Congratulations to me! Goodluck to me as well! 

Oh and there's one more thing I'd ask of you, will you drop me a visit there? And leave a comment please?
Teehee. Terimah Kasih!   


docgelo said…
Congratulations on the new blog!
Travel blog this time, WOW!!!

Have a Happy MOM'S DAY, Sheng!
God bless you more.
jeanny said…
congrats Shengskie.

Oh happy Mom day :-)
bertN said…
Happy Mother's Day sa iyo!
ezra said…
yun oh travel blog... another source of travel information... hmmm excited to see the photos...
onyxx said…
i visited your new page yesterday but i had hard time leaving my comment. anyway, good luck your new "project" ms. multi-tasker :)
Mayet said…
goodluck on the new blog-just visited it;)
Dong Ho said…
i believe this will be an exciting tandem of Ric and you. im also guessing that soon the kids will also be part.

congratulations to the new blog!
Photo Cache said…
wow, i'm going over there now. blogs are like chips, you can't have just one :)

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