My Take on Credit Cards

Credit cards! One thing I was so excited having when I first got my hands on them, something which I am allergic to this time. 

It's been a long while I have stopped using my credit cards because I have long terminated them. Years before, I had three. Now, I have none. Why, you ask? It's because I don't want to stress myself from the calls they torture you when they ask for payment. I have avoided some calls. I also have experienced trying to negotiate because I have this huge balance with them, until such time that I slowly paid one of them, and is struggling to pay another one right now. 

How credit card companies offer you this service is very enticing, they just call you, and from where they got your number is just a wonder. Someone from East West Bank just called me this week, to my surprise, offering me an Instant Approval Credit Card, something which I abruptly declined. had they known I have a bad credit history, they wouldn't have offered me something like that.

But I'm not saying credit cards are bad, they're actually very convenient when you do not have cash with you. However, it only takes a lot of will power to resist the power of the sleek shiny card which has the power to buy anything you want in a single swipe.  You just have to discipline yourself when you have got this card.

Credit cards are good, but I'm just fed up with them. I just want a peaceful life, and I can have that without these cards. What about you? Do you have a credit card? What is your take on these shiny shimmering splendors like credit cards?




Reena said…
i only keep one credit card. it's helpful esp when buying huge purchases. it's useful for business dealings and emergencies too like for medical emergencies. i always just pay on time to avoid penalties and other surcharges. the good thing with technology is that we can pay online so it's easy to pay.
bertN said…
I have a couple of cards, one of them gives me a rebate of 1 to 3 percent depending on the nature of purchases, and a second card in case the first one is not accepted. I always pay the full amount I owe the cards every statement period so I pay no interest. Works very well for me.
Ibyang said…
i have a credit card but only use it when there's an emergency and for when we travel.

my take is that this card is only convenient when we can pay off the charges at the end of the payment period but if one does not manage credit cards well, this thing can be evil.
jeanny said…
I have one credit card. I used it in doing the groceries or buying anything at the dept store. Very useful din cya sa akin when going on a travel. Very safe din sya kasi I don't have to bring big amount, just swipe and go. My credit card gives me a 5-7% discount when I do purchases online.
I pay my bill in full and on time to avoid interest, sayang din kasi.
Teeni said…
Oh,yes. Credit cards are very tempting to abuse. I do not blame you for not using them. That is probably what many people should do so they can get caught up on their bills. We only use ours for big purchases so we don't have to use cash or checks but we always make sure we have the money in the bank to pay it off first.

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