25 Days Before Christmas

And it is so soon.

I love Christmas, it's a season for gift-giving and for peace. The kids love this season because they get what they ask Santa, the thing is, they have to be really nice and behaving really well before they get what they ask for.

Just last week, we decided to put up our Christmas decor, the house is not that really decorated, because we don't have a big house, the house is only capable of sheltering our family of four, but nonetheless, we had to have the decors because we want the kids to feel the Christmas spirit.

Now, it's really fast approaching, and I have yet to:

* shop for gifts for the kids and inaanaks
* shop for things we want to prepare for the Christmas eve
* save up for things I want to have before the close of the year
* list down the things I would really want to achieve (lots, to learn to drive for one)
* list down the things I want the family to enjoy ofr the following year

We don't have that much money now, as we have to save up and pay debts in order for us to enjoy a debt-free life. I so envy Rico, because finally, they are already debt-free, but one thing is for sure, we're doing the same thing, tightening belts in order to enjoy a headache-free life.

We're looking forward for Christmas, and even if it means less of the material things, Christmas actually means togetherness!

Together, that means me and hubby and the kids. As far as togetherness is concerned, we have traveled to Iloilo, Boracay, and Cebu. And these are just the best places we have traveled together as a family. I say these are the best for us not only because we must promote the country's tourism, we must also be visitors of our own country in order to taste the Philippine heavens.

But yes, we also have our own wish places to travel...

3. Bohol, because the kids want to experience the Chocolate Hills
2. Coron, Palawan because I have long wanted to visit this place, and I want it sooner than now...
1. Hongkong, because I am drooling over Kumareng Grace's travels back and forth to HK.

Head on over to KG's blog, and you'll be surprised of the lovely giveaway she has!


Eds said…
yay! paskong-pasko na sa blog mo sheng. gaya mo gusto ko rin makarating ng bohol at hongkong.
REDLAN said…
Wish ko matupad ang mga wishes mo at goodluck na rin sa christmas contest.
princess_dyanie said…
sheng!!! sarap talaga mag travel! goodluck in attaining those travel plans! :)
witsandnuts said…
I liked your Christmas-y theme. =) I am venturing on some travel plans next year also. I hope you and your family enjoyed the long weekend. =)
mai said…
sheeeeeng...i've missed you!!! this is a wonderful christmas post. kami din we put up a few christmas decors para lang may christmas spirit :)totoo yan, masarap maging debt-free :)
dyosa said…
So much to thank for this year! I know that we're all going to have an exciting 2010!

Plan a trip to Bohol na. You and your family will sure love it. I'm also working on being debt-free, malapit-lapit na. woot!

Enjoy the rest of the week, Sheng. Take care.
Rico said…
Lupet ng bagong blog theme mo. So Christmasy! I like!
Goodluck on your way to being debt free too. I now it's very difficult but the rewards are worth it. We'll have you in our prayers for more blessings, special favors, and more clients. :)
the donG said…
christmas na christmas na pala dito. hehehe... happy advent! ilang araw na lang.
BlogusVox said…
Make your wish and focus to fullfill it one at a time. Pasasa-an ba at makakamit mo rin yan. Ikaw pa!
kg said…
wow! christmas na dito! :)

thanks for joining sheng! i hope your travel dreams come true...soon! hong kong for the family is perfect! so much fun! :)
Z said…
congrats, Sheng!:-)

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