The Getaway (Part 4): Feasting in Iloilo

Okey, on with the last of the four parts! I am glad this one is almost over, haha.

From Boracay to Caticlan, the kids were excited to get to Iloilo and meet their cousins and Uncle Allan. The Ceres Bus started off at exactly 12pm, and the trip to Iloilo was the very cruel 6 hours! Yeah! We had our butts tired with all the sitting, and the road was not-so-fine. The road was kinda funny because there's some 1 kilometer of concrete road, and after that is a rocky road. A few meters away comes the good smooth road, and another ten minutes more of comfy sitting, comes the bumpy ride. Yeah. Right. It was that long the trip and very tiresome. Unlike buses here in Gensan and Davao area, when you say you ride in an aircon bus, you only ride non-stop to the destination, except for a stop to a nature's call. In Kalibo, aircon buses are all-stop, that is to pick up more passengers.

Anyway, it was kinda fun too, there was a dvd marathon featuring Robin Padilla's movies. Haha, something to laugh your butts out.

When we reached Iloilo at exactly 6pm, we arrived at the relative's house with a birthday party Kuya Allan has prepared for bIBOY, the look on the kid's face was very bright, we shared some ice cream, spaghetti and cake, we had lechong manok and some fish too. Biboy's 8th birthday was a delight because it was his first time to spend it in a different place save from the house.

Ok, enough about that, one day, we went to SM City Iloilo and look what I saw!

Edward and Bella, waiting for me!
Haha, seriously, they were promo pics for the Twilight movie!

My first ever carousel ride.

The child in me ruled over, I asked the operator if adults can ride, he said it was okey if I picked the bigger horse, and so I did, with Tabebs, here we are!

We also went to a place I dunno where, I just got on the van and off we went. The kids were swimming in the pool, and hubby took these beach shots in Oton.

And this I promised to go back to . Miag-ao Church. One of the oldest in Iloilo.

Miag-ao Church is a World Heritage Site!

The first time I went here was on a vacation too, but I was too darn bad to ever bring with me a camera, so hubby and I decided to go back to Miag-ao and have a picture of us and the kids there. We even wanted to get inside the church but it was closed that day, so we haven't had the chance to take inside pics. Perhaps next time?!

We aslo droppd by Racso's Park to do some strolling. I forgot the file pics at home. Sorry. ;-)

And here's the best part of getting to Iloilo! We feasted on this loveliness and deliciousness and a lot more, only, we were too busy eating that we sometimes forgot to take pics! Hahah, savor the loveliness! Have fun sharing with me!

Talaba (oysters)! Yummy! Just dip in some salt and vinegar and voila!

Hubby never tasted these oysters... he's picky with his food. Ssshhhh...

Sinigang sa Miso, and hipon!

Although these shrimps are not as big as those we have here in Gensan, they're truly delicious!

Inihaw na Hito
Grilled Catfish
Sugba nga Pantat in Ilonggo

Hubby and I have never tasted hito dishes, but these were served before us, and they were a bang! Very yummy inihaw na hito. Grabeee... ang sarap!

And what did I miss from Iloilo the most?

Pinipig! Slurp, they were crisp and very sweet-smelling.

We were in Dumangas visiting Katamnan Resort for a check on our cousin's wedding venue. We stopped awhile to have lunch at a seaside resto, and we spotted this: Guimaras Island! Although we haven't had the chance to go there, I will do so next time. Pwamis!

Guimaras Island

So there guys, these are the best of them, there are lots actually, I cannot post them all as they will surely flood my place.

Iloilo International Airport, Sta. Barbara, Iloilo

Getting home!
And we really got home, safely.
And tired from the marathon we went through.

Thanks for being with me guys!


Mai da Paypay said…
sheng!!! that picture of the talaba....aaaaaaaarrrrgggghhh!!! i wanna go home!!!!
REDLAN said…
kakamiss naman ang iloilo kahit andito lang ako. nakamiss ang places at food na bihira ko na lang matikman.
Sinta said…
I love waking up early to watch the fishermen bring in their catch. Mmmm oysters ^_^ You look like you're all having so much fun! I need to getaway too :)
javaqueen14 said…
Oh, this post made me hungry, although I don't think you could pay me to eat a clam, slimy looking thing. *shivers* But, your huz is an amazing photographer. The men on that boat fishing is incredible! Glad you are home safe and had a good time :)
Gracie said…
Those oysters look soooooo good. Squeeze some "calamansi" and add a little bit of hot sauce...yummmm...
witsandnuts said…
I remember traveling from Antique to Caticlan for 5 hours. The next time we went there, we took the shortcut. That saved us 2 hours. I was sleeping throughout the ride with matching pillows. Glad someone drived for us.

The food feast part was the best, woohooo! And of course, I loved your pic with Edward and Bella. =)
Kayni said…
the oysters really look good, and the grilled catfish really goes perfect with steaming rice. i really like the photos of the church. thanks for sharing all about your trip.
Regayumi said…
Hi Sheng,

I'm not an oyster lover too because of its slimy and yucky texture but I do love oyster sauce...hehehe

You really have an exciting experience with those places.
caryn said…
"lthough these shrimps are not as big as those we have here in Gensan, they're truly delicious!"

- parang i want to go to gensan tuloy, just because of the shrimps ;-)
Alice Teh said…
Thank YOU for sharing all these lovely pictures with us, Sheng! (Not a big fan of oyster though... but the pic is very nice)

I'm waiting eagerly for the Twilight movie. I've finished all the books in the saga. :)
Anah said…
Sheng, I want one tong Bella kag Edward haha!! Ahhh those foods makes me wanna fly home na sarapp!!!!
iceah said…
grabe ayaw ni Kyawster ng Talaba! sarap kya nyan :p sarap lahat ng kinain nyo natikman kna kya It is really true that they are all good sawap, yummy and yumyum :9
Heart of Rachel said…
Glad you got home safely. It must have been a great and memorable trip for the family.

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful memories.
jeanny said…
I dont eat talaba...masarap ba sya talga hehehe.

saya g vacay nyo. Glad the family got home safely! :)
Rico said…
Talebs is soo cute!
And while I'm lured by the hipon, that grilled catfish looked absolutely delicious!
bursky said…
waaah! talaba!!! it's been yeaaaars since i had a taste!

ang saya naman! tapos nakapunta pa kayo ng Miag-Ao... haay...
Blue Rose said…
talaba! ano lasa? hindi ko pa natry kumain nyan.

saya-saya naman. haba ng bakasyon nyo.
kg said…
Your first time to ride a carousel? Hmmm... :)

Seriously sheng, I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation! Here's to more relaxation time!

Have a great weekend sheng!
Toni said…
OMG! Oysters. My favorite memory of eating fresh oysters was also the time when I was in Visayas. Not sure kung Bacolod or Iloilo hehe. Basta by the sea namin kinain and it was sooooo good!

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