The Getaway (Part 1): Cebu Stopover

Lucky we were to have been blessed with a commissioned work: to go to Boracay and post about it. I love the challenge, and the free trip. Why? It was free, and the whole family included! We brought along with us the 2 kids, and my Mother-in-Law (MIL). It was a favor I and hubby was very blessed with, although for some weird reason, I never really liked Boracay, even though I have never been there yet.

The trip was from Gensan-Cebu, we had to stay for a night, then Cebu-Caticlan to proceed to Boracay.

Biboy running towards the plane, all kids, adults included, jittery to board

When we were in Cebu, our flight arrived late after lunch, so we had to bring the kids and MIL to Jollibee, because that's what they really like to eat, the kids love Jollibee's Chickenjoy and so to pacify their hunger and tired bodies, the chicken was what they got in order for us to drag them again to nowhere.

This was actually hubby and I's second time to Cebu, so we had a little knowledge of where we were supposed to bring the kids for a tour. No problem with the transpo: taxi is the answer.
We first went to Magellan's Cross, it was a coincidence that the lesson my grade 2 Biboy had a week before that was the tourist spots of the Philippines and in their book was featured the Magellan's Cross. There and then, when my boy saw it, questions flooded. I had to answer them historically as he had a series of that.

outside view of the Magellan's Shrine

Magellan's Cross, inside the black painted cross is the real cross Magellan has offered for Christianity and thus the start of most of our faith in the country.

We then went inside the Basilica Minor del Sto. Niño, where a Friday mass is going on, so we had to juggle the cathedral with lots of devotees and church-goers. I said a little prayer of thanks for the safe trip to Cebu and asked for guidance.

The Basilica Minor del Sto. Niño
inside this church stands the first Sto. Niño image brought by the Spaniards

We were able to visit the Basilica Museum, but we can only have our pictures taken outside.

Off we went to Fort San Pedro where a lot of foreigners go to when in Cebu. Fort San Pedro is a place where soldiers and residents have kept refuge during the Spanish conquest.

Welcome to Fort San Pedro

This is what you will first see when you get inside the fort.

The fort was constructed with cannons and armaments to protect the whole city from being kept hostage by the Spaniards.

old cannons surround the fort

I dunno what this place is called but the soldiers hang their enemies here, some said a guillotine was kept here before, they used that to behead Spanish conquistadores.

Right now, Fort San Pedro is already a historical site where you can visit the whole fort for a minimal fee, and take a look at olden jars which were found at sunken Spaniard ships. While we were there, we happen to witness a group of dancers from the University of San Carlos posing for a pictorial, images to be soon placed in postcards of Cebu.

University of San Carlos Dancers

Our last destination was the Lapu-lapu Shrine. It was a 30 minute ride back to Mactan. The kids enjoyed seeing Lapu-lapu on his diapers, err, bahag. Biboy was ecstatic at seeing him because it was still part of their lesson in Sibika. We enjoyed the walk to the place where Lapu-lapu and Magellan and their men fought, I tried telling him the story as I remembered it. Airplanes come and go while we were strolling the park. The place was near the airport.

Lapu-lapu and his bahag

Magellan's Shrine, Mactan, Cebu

This background is said to be the place where the actual battle of Mactan happened many many years ago, while the Spaniards were in conquest.

It was a full day, the kids went back to the hotel happy because of the historical sites they have seen. We bought dinner at Andoks and had dinner at the hotel because the kids and MIL were so tired from all the walking they just couldn't walk any farther.

Tired, but happy, lying down for a rest at the park

While we were back at the hotel, we had to visit the hotel's lobby and the other hotel rooms. What we saw amazed all of us. Overlooking from the hotel's balcony was this breathtaking image, actually two bridges we can clearly see, the Mactan Bridge and the Marcelo Fernan Bridge. And with the lights from them, it was awesome. The cool breeze was fanciful that we had to take in deep breaths of fresh air. Cebu City is really nice, and very clean too. We had to wake up early the next morning in order to watch the rising sun through the balcony and watch the traffic of the bridges from the hotel's balcony again. Very nice site indeed.

view of Mactan Bridge (from the hotel) at nighttime

view of Mactan Bridge at sunrise

Needless to say, we all enjoyed the stopover at Cebu. I have told myself and to hubby once: "We have to save enough money to get to Cebu."

What coincidence, we saved and we got more than Cebu. Best thing, we have been there, and twice!

Up Next: Boracay Escapade


SleeplessInKL said…
your kids are so big na diay! (you look so young man gud.)

love the pic of sunrise over mactan bridge!
Blue Rose said…
an saya-saya naman!
we stayed in cebu for one week last 2006 but we were not able to explore the place. daming work kasi. ayon sa loob lang kami ng hotels -- shangri-la and hilton.

i love your pictures. thank you so much for sharing.
Mai da Paypay said…
i love love love that picture of sunrise in mactan bridge! parang streaks of sunlight are already peeking out of the horizon.

you guys look like you had so so so much fun!

post your boracay pics, quick! :-)
Heart of Rachel said…
Beautiful photos! It looks like a great trip that everyone enjoyed. It's always wonderful to travel with the whole family. It's rewarding when you are able to enjoy the lovely places together.

I love the new look of your blog.
Asian Traveler said…
Wow, you're so lucky to have a free trip and spent your vacation with the whole family. It seems like you had a wonderful time. :)

I've been to Cebu several times. By the way, did you try their lechon? You can find the best lechon only in Cebu. ;)
sheng said…
@sleeplessinkl: my boy is 8, and my girl is 2, i am 31 this feb, hehe, young-loooking lang siguro, but old na talaga, wah! Thanks for thinking so though.

@blue rose: Been there twice, the first time was last year, October din, for a work-related trip, I just brought along my hubby din.

@mai da paypay: I am already done with my post so I guess tomorrow I will be posting that.

@heart of rachel: The vacation was really so worth it, it was actually fun and exciting, especially that we had the kids in tow, only, it's hard to be carrying my 2 yr old girl when she complains of tired walking!

@asian traveler: I have not tried their lechon, but I sure did try their chicharon!
iluvgreen said…
wow, sarap.. i miss cebu, been there four years ago.. looking forward for part 2..
allen said…
Ay dear, thanks for sharing! Si biboy ka daku na hehe. Pati gali si ugangan mo upod din. Looks like you guys had fun gid. Ano ang commissioned der? I wanna visit Cebu (again) din in the future- dunno kun may time ko ah but we shall see.

wabs you! xoxo

witsandnuts said…
Work-related I've stayed in Cebu for at least a month. That paved the way to spending my weekends checking several places. I love, love Cebu! Especially Escario area. It even came to a point that I've considered living there (just like my love for Davao).

I've never visited Fort San Pedro. And yes, Lapu Lapu really looks like in a diaper. I hope you also had the time to dine in CNT Lechon. Huhu, I super miss that!
Wow, you wasted no time, you did so much! I haven't seen those places since I was second grade din siguro. LOVE the dancers! Can't wait for the Boracay post!
Jeanny said…
So lovely!!!
Wish I could visit Cebu one day! :)
Glad your back na Sheng!
BlogusVox said…
Those dancers, posed, just for you? Nilibot nyo ang Cebu in just one day? Eh di hapo man ang mga bata?
Kayni said…
really beautiful photos. i'd love to see those historical places in the philippines. perhaps, i should plan one of those when i'll visit the country again. can't wait for the boracay photos.
kg said…
Ganda ng mga pics mo sheng! Where are the Boracay pics? Post mo na! :)
Excited nako to see them.
REDLAN said…
Pasilip-silip lang ako dito last two days. Medyo busy sa work eh. Am back here today to comment. Medyo maluwag luwag na. Talagang nilibot nyo ang cebu proper. Yung anak mong lalaki, sobrang excited siguro sa trip kaya yun nauna sa pagtakbo sa eroplano. Timing naman at merong group of dancers. parang nasa postcard rin kayo. Ganda ng sunrise at yung kuha mo ng cebu night view.

galing and am pretty sure nag-enjoy talaga kayo.
ms firefly said…
i miss cebu sheng!i've been there four times already and i'm loving it. you took very beautiful pictures, pang postcard gid! upod gali si madam sa inyo? regards mo ko sa iya, dumduman nya pa ko guro na. :)
Anonymous said…
inggit ako mode PART 1... :P ahahaha... sana andun ako!!! i'd so~ love to travel around the country. sana may oras at pera lang ako...

hmmm... maka-taya nga sa lotto mamaya. :P
katcarneo said…
Wow, seems like you all had a grand time!

I went to Cebu on vacation last year and now I feel bad about not going to Fort San Pedro. I have this thing for historical places.

My boyfriend used to be a member of the University of San Carlos Dance troupe--to bad he didn't get to be on postcards!
Anah said…
sheng dear pwede na ah wow body! after duha ka kids in shape ka lng gihapon :)

Love the photo tong kamo tanan nag posing. Beautiful family!!
caryn said…
heehee. loved your pics of the 2nd mandaue-mactan bridge! i'll show my dad, it's his baby kasi. heehee. grabe, i haven't been to cebu in ages!
bem said…
wow! ang sarap ng bakasyon! i love cebu! been to cebu twice and been to some of the historical places you've been to. we also made a side trip to bohol. hay, ang sarap mamili ng danggit, pusit, chilen chicharon, mangga, at marami pang iba.
iceah said…
me and my hubby had been to the Basilica and the Mactan Island wish we could bring our son there too c:

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