The Getaway (Part 2): Boracay Escapade

We woke up early and had dinner at the hotel we were staying, Mactan Pension House, we had a good glimpse of the sunrise over at Mactan Bridge, everything was just perfect, we had breakfast at the hotel and got ready for the flight to Caticlan. Our baggage were ready, and hearing about the issue on people getting weighed in Cebu-Mactan International Airport (aside from the baggae huh!), I was'nt surprised at all when they asked for each of us to step up and be weighed. I am not that heavy, hmmm, a sack of rice to equal with, am I heavy?

the kids anxiously waiting for boarding

We had a good rest while on air, and had to whisper our delight when we saw the Caticlan Airport, we were just busy to unload our baggage and so we forgot to take pics of the airport. We were fetched by the hotel's crew, and we had to ride the boat on the way to Cagban to get to Boracay.

View from our boat, Cagban Jetty Port, where tricycles await passengers to deliver to Boracay's line of resorts and hotels.

This is the usual sight especially in the mornings and the afternoons, the boats were inviting, they offer boat rides for a tour of the island all at a cheap price.

Usual sight again, foreigners, especially those blond or whites for that matter, are really sunburnt, yeah, you can see them walking the long stretch of the beach, with burned backs.

The long stretch of the White Beach, actually just half of the 4 kilometers stretch

We were in Station 3, because at Station 3, we had the best resort/hotel at a cheap price. Mind you, when you are in Bora, you are speaking dollars, everything is dear, not that dear that you cannot afford everything though, ummm, pricey, yes, that's it.

Puka Beach

This is Puka Beach, the best beach to go to while in Bora, here you can see the clearest of all beach waters, I love everything in Puka, this place is highly recommended by Jo of WitsandNuts, and so I did not think twice, I just had to get there.

Of course, what better way to enjoy the beach than taking a dip of the clean waters, the fishes are vivid, you can clearly see them playing at your toes. I love the clear waters, although because of the devastation of the typhoon Frank, Bora is still coping.

Baywatch body, never mind the bulging belly, please!?

One MGM Suite in Boracay, a place to stay at while enjoying the place.

This place is cool, very cool.

Jotting down notes on where to go next!

At Holiday Resort, for the work to be done! Remember, I wasn't here for a full-leisure! I came here to work, haha, but was I really working?

The breathtaking Puka Beach...

One thing I must advice you, never go to Boracay without trying their Island Tour, we were offered a 3-hour tour for only P1,200. Smashing right, very cheap indeed, we were only 5 so the kind operator Manong Jun, gave us that big a discount, during off-peak seasons (August-October), Island Tours range from P2,500-1,800. I dunno how it is during peak season, but I am sure, it's again, expensive!

While sight-seeing the entire island, we had so much to appreciate, and Manong Jun was very kind to bring us to a certain place where we could feed the fishes. This is taken while we were busy feeding the fishes with bread. The fishes swarm around your hand and gobble the bread crumbs away. A nice sight, very nature-y.

some nice site while island-hopping

the feeding fishes

Here's a picture of us, the whole family. MIL is not with us here, because she often stays at the hotel, too tired to walk the long stretch of the beach. You know old people, they would rather stay in one corner and read. When we get back to the hotel, we bring her lunch and we eat together, afterwards, we were out again.

Hubby is also tired here, he sets the camera at ten-seconds on the tripod, runs to us, and have his pic taken with us, ahem, isn't he obviously tired from running to and fro?

What I missed though was the banana-boat ride, Manong Jun said it was unsafe for the kids, and so we skippedthat thing. I was tempted to have a henna tattoo, Hubby too was tempted, but then again, we decided against it,we don't look like people who would be up to that!

Jo actually suggested we try renting bikes, but we just can't because I have to carry Tabebs when she is complaining of the tired walking.

A view from the boat while we were sland-hopping.

Wilyl's Rock, a statue of Mother Mary stands here, many people come and visit this place to say a little prayer and to light a candle.

We had a good time, and Manong Jun, the boat operator also offered us a Land Tour, that's how we got to Puka Beach again, and watch the sunset.

Sunset at White Beach

Sunset at Puka Beach

My Freedom Jump

Hubby and I at a Sandcastle, getting information from the maker of this beauty, he surprised us that this sandcastle is done for seven hours and design is daily changed! Would you believe that. For real, that sandcastle was never in its place the next day we came back. They do not demand much, just a donation for the photo op.

Willy's Rock at dusk.

Sunset shots at Boracay! Whoa there, is it the camera or the photographer?

We enjoyed 3 short nights at Boracay, it was fun. Although Boracay was not the thing I imagined it to be (I imagined more and better!), it generally spelled F-U-N. On our last night, the kids were totally tired and agitated at all the walks, we had to leave them asleep at the hotel and walk ourselves to D-Mall and Station 2, where all the ctivities were. I tried the Crazy Crepes, and yeah, very delish! Mango and strawberry shakes were costly for me at P120, but I gave that as a reward for myself for continuing the struggle. One resort had a party with a live band, so we had to stay and watch, pretty party. Foreigners on the rock'n'roll mood. We got back at past midnight. Tired but happy! And gee, we had to get ready for another trip, this time, to Iloilo.

And what do we bring home aside from the souvenirs? Of course, Puka shells and other nice pebbles and colored stones.

PS: For those interested for more resized pics, please check this out. Thanks. Enjoy!

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REDLAN said…
Ganda talaga ng Bora! Teka, bakit hindi mo nagustuhan ang bora? Perfect shots! I like all the pics here lalo na yung sunset. Can I grab some pics here? Kung okay lang sau.
REDLAN said…
Nabasa ko na pala ang sagot sa sariling question ko. hehehe.
kg said…
Sheng! Ang sexy mo namang mommy! :)

You have great pics! I like your sunset shots. How did you take those? I'm still tinkering with my camera and I need some tips.

I didn't like Boracay much because it was so commercialized. But it's nice to know you enjoyed with your family. Ang sarap naman ng bakasyon nyo! :)
sheng said…
@redlan: red, Borais very much commercialized, like kg said, and very crowded! You cannot really enjoy the sight, because there are just too many people coming to and fro, the beach yes, the clear waters i did enjoy, but the overall Bora, okey lang, hehehe.

@kg: Sexy ba naman ang may bilbil? Haha, kainis nga eh, i wasn't able to shed off before i wore that suit! Haha, as for the pics, photo credits go to the hubby. ;-)
I love the pic of you jumping! Thanks for sharing these pics. Para na rin ako nag-Boracay (I've never been.) Haaay. :)
BlogusVox said…
Wow, si Sheng naka 2-piece at cute na cute ang baby daughter mo.
Regayumi said…
Wow…the sunset pic is beautiful. It looks like your family had a nice stay at Bora. Wish we could go there too bago pa sya tuluyang masira.hehehe

Btw, you’re kids are very charming!
ms firefly said…
i love the sunsets! we didn't go to boracay for the reason that it's too commercialized, and wayyyyy tooo many people and partyings. just not our cup of tea. but for sure, you took very beautiful pics again, and lovely family portraits. i'm sure the kids will remember the trip until they're older. :)
mordsith said…
ang daya naman, you were able to capture the beautiful sunset. :)

i love the touch of Bora's sand on my feet. tsk tsk! you made me wish to go back there again. haha. :)
witsandnuts said…
The sunset shots were awesome! But my most fave pic from this post is the one you were in a swimwear with your daughter. =) I'm glad you had a great time with your family. Bora is best savoured when you're with your loved ones!

Looks like the hotel you went in Station 3 is a good spot. Yes, island hopping is a must. I'm sure your kids enjoyed seeing and feeling the fish. =)
Mai da Paypay said…
sheng, you have a fantabulous camera! you always catch those very spiritual rays of the sun

i love puka beach too! did you eat at the seafood restaurant there?
SleeplessInKL said…
whoa! one hot momma! ;)

love the pics, esp the sunset shot. and to answer your question: it's mostly the photographer, but a good camera makes things a lot easier for the photographer. :)
Heart of Rachel said…
Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! You have a lovely family.

The sunset shots are breathtaking.
teeni said…
Wow - what a gorgeous place and wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. Maybe someday I will get to go in person. You have a lovely family and you have a gorgeous smile. I'm so glad you got to enjoy a getaway like that. I'm also glad you made it home safe.
Kayni said…
i love the sunset shots. fantastic! looks like the family really had a wonderful time.
Sinta said…
OMG, I need some of that luxury! Hrm, I remember being told not to get any shells / pebbles from boracay, because it was illegal 0_o Oh well, i bought tons of necklaces!
javaqueen14 said…
The pics have rendered me speechless (whoah, really? could this be? Anne with nothing to say? NO!!!!) You are so beautiful, your huz is handsome and your son and daughter are just adorable. I love the simple pic of them "nervously waiting to board the plane" - the sunsets are damn amazing if ya ask me, your hus is an extremely talented photographer. Thanks so much for sharing a part of this world that I feel quite sure I will never witness in my life, in person.
Blue Rose said…
ohh! you made me miss boracay.

ganda ng place. and your pictures are really wonderful. you are a sexy mom sheng. i like your picture carrying tabebs and of course the sunset.
bursky said…
rats! browser error! now i lost my 1st comment. tsk... anyway...

sheng pakilala mo naman ako sa younger sister mo. diba siya yung naka-bathing suit? diba? diba? ;)

love the sunset pic. ahaaaay!!! walang sinabi sa sunset ng manila bay. :D
iluvgreen said…
even off peak, marami pa rin tao? i havent been to bora, im planning to go there next year and bohol.

ganda ng mga pics, im sure vavavoom ang camera mo.
Rico said…
Ganda talaga ng Bora. Your hotel sure looks nice. And you said it was cheap? Really!?
Glad you had fun!
caryn said…
huwaw! beach babe! ;-) ang sossy naman ng bakasyon na yan! inggit! hahaha! glad you had a fab time sheng!
bem said…
never been to bora. sunset pics are awesome! love the pic of your freedom jump and you carrying tabebs. sexy naman ni mommy!
princess_dyanie said…
weee! ive never been to boracay kasi ang mahal! para kang nag ibang bansa! haha :P btw, why you got a free trip? sosyal haha :P
iceah said…
shocks!!! ang ganda2 ng mga pics nyo c: kaingit mura lng talaga c: wish we could have that kind of vacation with my family c: ang cute ng family pic nyo so cute talaga c:
Toni said…
I miss Boracay!!! I want to go back! your pics are lovely. Boracay still has a lovely charm to it!
princess_dyanie said…
hi sheng!

where did you stay in bora? will go there next year eh. i want to plan it na sana para mas mura pa hehe :P
give me naman some info! thanks! :)

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