I Mourn for Maguindanao

Worst Day of journalist killings in Mindanao
Maguindanao Massacre death toll rises
Death in Maguindanao

And that scary, inhumane thing happened on a November week, just when we were celebrating Mindanao Week of Peace...

I couldn't think of any better word to describe the heartless massacre that Maguindanao has experienced yesterday than this: INHUMANE.

in·hu·mane [ìn hyoo máyn]

not compassionate: lacking compassion and causing excessive suffering.

Inhumane may be an understatement, it's barbaric even, but for now, i'd stick to it.

For those who took time to pass by and read this blog, please give me a minute of your time to just close your eyes and offer a prayer for Mindanao. Daghang Salamat.

“Think Mindanao,

Feel Mindanao,
Bring Peace to Mindanao”


kg said…
hay sheng, my heart also broke upon reading the news. how can a person do this to his/her fellow human being? ganoon na ba kalala ang hatred and ganun na ba ang politics, that you have to take away a person's life [in this case 22 ba?]?

such a sad reality for us Filipinos [and human beings].

tama ka, inhumane is the right term to use. parang hindi tao ang gumawa nito.
upto6only said…
so true. layo pa election nyan. what more pag malapit na. more inhumane killings to come. hayyyy
ALiNe said…
:( Our country is the most dangerous country... mas grabe pa tayo kesa sa iraq!
witsandnuts said…
Sobrang nakakalungkot, Sheng. It definitely destroys the image of Maguindanao and nearby provinces. As I mentioned in Plurk, it was also on the front page of UAE broadsheets. It's heartbreaking to think how some people can kill like that as if it's a habit.
iluvgreen said…
what they did is sooo evil. hope that justice prevails.
Lawstude said…
hope the victims gain JUSTICE.
mordsith said…
i hope this would be the last of this detestable crime against humanity.

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