Think Peace, Think Mindanao

I was in sixth grade when we came here in Mindanao, Dad worked as a medical representative in a big pharmaceutical company and was assigned in Cagayan de Oro, he has relatives in Koronadal City, that's why we soon followed him, and finally lived the rest of our lives in Mindanao.

War, chaos and bombings are usually the first impressions you may think of Mindanao, as the island is known for this. Even I myself, thought that Mindanao is a land of those who can only understand Islam, but surely I was dead wrong. And even wrong that I thought of Mindanao as a place of complexities.

Just this morning, we passed along a large banner that said: Think Mindanao, Mind Mindanao, Feel Mindanao.

We here in General Santos City, are lucky because we do not experience very harsh cruelty among our people, we have lived with the Muslims, lumads and foreigners without heavy hearts towards each other. In fact, only a few places in Mindanao are issues of concern because of peace, or the lack of it. In our city, although there are some disturbances caused by our misunderstood brothers and sisters, yet, they have respected us and gave us the chance to live well among ourselves.

There may have been bombings here and there, but thankfully, our police officers give their best efforts in order to keep us safe.

What you may think about Mindanao is probably because of the issues and news you hear from the media, but those who have been terribly disturbed are those remote areas in the island.

However, I say, wherever in Mindanao we may be then, must be respected by our brothers and sisters. We must remember that we are human and as children of our fathers, and will be parents of our children, we must take care of each other. It does not matter where we are located, the point is, we must give peace a chance in Mindanao.

A week ago, Fr. Sinnot, an Irish priest was abducted in Pagadian City, a clear act of savagery which is opposed by Islam and Christians alike. What I don' t understand is why these evildoers need to make a life suffer in order for their demands to be heard, and why there be a need to harm people when they can freely talk and agree, or disagree and compromise.

Mindanao Week Of Peace will be celebrated this November, but I am posting this call in advance, let us listen to the hearts of every individual, let us be sensitive to the needs of the people, and let us be considerate to each others' cry. Think of our children, and our children's children. We all must experience PEACE!
Think Mindanao, Mind Mindanao
Bring Peace to Mindanao!


witsandnuts said…
Sometimes the not so good news about Mindanao is overly publicized. I visited different areas a number of times and I felt safe.
SleeplessInKL said…
i agree with witsandnuts. i grew up in mindanao but always felt safe growing up in mindanao.

it's sad when the newspapers focus too much on the negative events, painting an incomplete picture of what mindanao is.
Hindi naman magulo ang buong Mindanao, may mga parts lang naman na hindi nakaintindi ng Peace. Ganyan rin sa ibang lugar, sa ibang sulok ng mundo. Kaya huwag natin i-generalize. Gaya ng tao, hindi lahat ng nakapatay, mamamatay. hehe. peace in mindanao, peace on earth
felmar fiel said…
all i would still that mindanao is a safe paradise for me. i have lived here for half of my life...

this article is very timely as i am also conceptualizing my own article entitled "the mindanawon identity"...
kg said…
Mindanao is soo beautiful! would you believe that once, i even considered working there (Del Monte, in Bukidnon)? And one of my favorite places in the Philippines is in Davao, where sunflowers (my favorite flower) grow on the sides of the streets! Isa pa, I want to go to Gen San and see your beautiful province! :)

Hay sheng, let's pray that these evil-minded people will see the right path! It's frustrating already.
Rico said…
Tama ka, overly publicized nga yung news about the bombings. When we went to CDO we asked the locals kung talagang magulo, sabi nila hindi naman.
Rej said…
My brother now lives in Mindanao. He's been there for two years I think. And he's perfectly fine. Nakakainggit nga minsan kasi dami na nyang navisit na islands. It seems to me na he is enjoying his current life.

At sana nga matigil na ang kaguluhan sa ilang parts ng Mindanao. Para matigil na ang pagbubuwi ng buhay at maexplore na rin ang marami pang magagandang lugar.

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