Kalilangan 2010 - Lakan and Lakambini

I was late, the show was already starting when I came, but nonetheless I was awed at the result of the long nights of rehearsals these candidates suffered.

For the Kalilangan, we have the Lakan at Lakambini ng Heneral Santos, while it's the ever infamous Miss Gensan whenever September comes for the Tuna Festival.

I cannot give you a good description on how they performed but I was surprised at how beautiful these ladies are, and how macho these Gensan guys are.

The lovely Filipiniana gowns were designed by an international designer to the name of Johnny Abad. Admittedly, these are the gowns that i would love to fit, they really are sexy.

The contenders in their lovely gowns and colorful barongs.

We have been trying to behave ourselves, at times, when there are pageants like this, I usually cannot keep my mouth shut. But this time, I behaved. The fact that our university has a candidate, I was actually praying she'd make us proud. She did not, though I was satisfied with her answers, still she did not make it.

A bet of mine won instead. Happy still that the beauty of the General ladies are being discovered. We have beautiful women here, count me in!

Congratulations to the Kalilangan festival director! You made me proud to be a General. Thank you again Sir Orman for the photos!


the donG said…
wow! congratulations to orman and team at sa mga nag judge na from davao.
Kayni said…
I love the Filipiniana gowns. Would love to fit into one.
docgelo said…
a fiesta anywhere in our country isn't complete without pageantry.
nice to see that kalilangan was not an exception as it champions the beauty and wits of pinay from gensan (and pinoy too).
Ibyang said…
wow ang ganda naman ng beauty pageant na yan. i love the dresses and barongs.
kg said…
they really are beautiful and handsome! ang gaganda! and the gowns! parang pang international pageant ha! :)
Heart of Rachel said…
The ladies look lovely in their Filipiniana gowns. The guys look dashing too.
Lawstude said…
wow naman. ang gaganda talaga mga general. pwere si pacmom ha. (sabay suntok ni pacman)
witsandnuts said…
I like it how the modern design enhanced the traditional dress. I want to fit in that clothing in second photo. =)

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