Kalilangan 2010 - Car and Bike Show

Kalilangan started off with this Car and Bike Show at Robinson's Place, General Santos City. To my surprise, I cannot take my eyes off some of the lovely wheely things I have seen. The kids were also surprised at how grand these cars and bikes looked. These cars drive my mind back to those good old days.

But there are also those who are much into the future, as they are called futuristic cars with enhanced dashboards and nice steering wheels, to the gigantic rims and tires. Ahh, so much for mechanical stuffs. But these babies, sing to me: Baby won't you ride my car?

First off, the bikes.

They look oldies but naturally goodies. I can only imagine my grand dad hovering in the streets with this bike. Cool.

There were only a few of them as the show was basically put up for cars. And for those who are into these stuffs, drool baby, drool.

I bet you have seen much much better cars than these, but they are the cars which can only be found nearing and passing by the city streets. The owners are car collectors and some of these items are their babies which are worth much.

Mustang my eyes! This maroon Mustang is the apple of everybody's eyes in the place. Maybe because it was a first to be displayed, or we have just feasted our eyes on a vintage Mustang.

Maroon Mustang

Nice Subaru, yes? Such monster. I'm thinking of Incredible Hulk because of its color.

Dashboard awesomeness!

This Dodge reminded me of Bella Swan and her truck. If I can drive, will I want this truck? Maybe not, maybe yes. For a girl, i think this will be one big attention-seeker.

Nah, I don't know how to drive, yet! But I am waiting for the right time to get my hands on the wheel. I can only practice driving here inside the subdivision but I still want professional help in guiding me in the street.

But these are really awesome transpos, so cute, so majestic, so brute. You ask me what I really wanna drive, and I will still answer you with the car that's been my long time crush, a brute Toyota Prius!

So please Toyota, get those accelerators functioning well! You're entangled because of those.

More Kalilangan posts soon!

Thank you Sir Orman for all the photos used in this post.


Heart of Rachel said…
I like the vintage bikes. So cool!
Anonymous said…
waaaah! feel ko din mag-adik sa scooters ngayon eh!!! na-i-inlab ako sa mga yan!

grabe, well-loved cars tong mga 'to ah. enjoyed the pics. kung may front shot lang yung 'stang, ay naku! baka nahalikan ko monitor ko. ahaha...
Ibyang said…
wow ang ganda ng mga kotse. i love attending car shows, naaliw ako sa technology ng car at sa creativity ng mga owners in making them look pretty and gwapo hehe.
jeanny said…
nice cars. Husband and I enjoys attending car show kasi kakatuwa ang mga design nila. :)
dyosa said…
I love the motorbikes! Vespa?
kg said…
siguro the "boys" drooled over that exhibit ano? :)
Anonymous said…
one word, sheng :WOW!!!
the donG said…
wow! at hindi namin to nakita. pero nakapag drive ako ng motor sa sama island.
orman said…
hehehe... i couldn't seem to get my mind together for this event. talagang hanggang pasahero lang ako kasi di ko talaga kayang magsulat about vehicles like you do. nice post, sheng!

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