Kalilangan 2010 - Kadsagayan Street Dancing

Honoring the Past,
Understanding the Present,
Embracing the Future

Kalilangan is derived from the rootword “Kalilang” which means festivities, jubilation and celebration. It is a Maguindanaon word which connotes unity and gathering of leaders, tribes, and families.

Kalilangan celebrates colors, ethnicity, thanksgiving. There's actually more that depicts Kalilangan, and we here in General Santos City celebrates Kalilangan for a lot of reasons we are thankful for. It is also the 71st Foundation Anniversary of General Santos City. And I am so proud to say that I celebrated this year's Kalilangan with awesome friends and visitors.

In the afternoon of Feb 27, just after lunch, our group headed to the streets. And awesome colors awaited us in Pioneer Avenue.

Bariles taking colorful shots of the street dancing.

Colorful costumes, drumbeats, heart-pumping drumrolls and huge musical instruments paraded the street. Awesome noise surrounded the air. The heat of the sun never stopped us from enjoying the chants and the ethnic music. We cannot keep ourselves from dancing to the beat of each lyre, and the gongs.

The contenders for Kalilangan 2010 were awesome. Most of them were kids as young as Grade 2 and up to high school. Contenders came from different municipalities of Southern Mindanao, some from as far as Parang, Maguindanao and Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat. Malapatan of Sarangani Province also participated.

Excitement galore! Everybody was enjoying despite the scorching heat.

Still smiling while being baked under the heat of the sun.

Dancing in the street, chanting "Kalilangan, Manayaw ta sa dalan."

I was actually with Gensan bloggers and travel bloggers Dong Ho, Scud, Lawstude and Jonee who arrived in the morning timely enough for the Kadsagayan Street Dancing Contest. However, upon arriving at the venue, we immediately separated ways as the whole Pioneer Avenue was filled with awesome colors and participants that their eyes were fully satiated and out went their cameras. I was not able to locate them until after the first round of the contenders passed through the clock tower. We didn't get to have a pic in the street. =( Was not even able to meet my hubby in the street as he was busy taking shots as well.

with Gensan blogger friends

with Bariles

Another shot of this tribe gave the hubby a winning shot.

"Kalilangan is a noble tradition. It is a compleat work of art nourished and nurtured by a rich cultural heritage that has withstand the test of time from generation to generation."

Kalilangan in our city is being celebrated every third week of February.


iluvgreen said…
Ola sheng, im back!

Those are nice photos, sana makarating ako sa Gensan
Kayni said…
amazing colors and costumes. great photos! you're so lucky you get to meet fellow bloggers often. more pics please :)
kg said…
sheng, i love, love your pictures! they look so alive! gusto ko pumunta dyan next year for the kalinangan!!!
witsandnuts said…
Colorful! Nakakaindak manood ng ganyan. =)
Anonymous said…
fantastic photos from an amazing fiesta! nice to know that gensan people hold on to their roots with these festivities unlike with other provinces where parades are westernized thus lacking the ethnicity and culture it should be representing. i wish someday we get to experience this too. thanks for sharing. =)
Ibyang said…
ang ganda!!!! i love it sheng. and i love the photos :) very very nice capture. happy to see fellow bloggers with you.
Heart of Rachel said…
Wow, I love the burst of colors and festive atmosphere. Great photos Sheng! I could tell you had lots of fun.
Lawstude said…
wow naman. congrats kay ric. ganda nga ng pic. enjoyed my stay there. until next time :)
the donG said…
so lucky that we scheduled our trip for that event. we enjoyed it there and what i like about it is they just perform around a limited area. so easy to run from here to there.

again thak you for hosting us!
orman said…
now it's getting more and more challenging to stage a different kind of street dancing experience for our next fiesta. sa tuna festival daw invited na pati cdo, zambo and manila bloggers... susme, kahadlok!

as usual, sheng, your post rocks!

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