Red Trellis Asian Food Cuisine - a Seafoods Haven

Crabs and shrimps, and everything is fine!

The last time I craved for crabs was last month, and the last time that I fully craved for crabs is because of Barlies' seafoods and crabs experience.

Last Wednesday night was a blast. Hubby and I were invited by the Maestro, Bariles himself to join them at Red Trellis, a fancy fine-dining restaurant just 5 minutes away from our house. We always pass by the resto but was too busy to even drop by and check the place.

Walking in, the cozy but light atmosphere amazed me. Trellises in red abound and the romantic lighting made my visit definitely not my last.

Please click images to enlarge.

There's a small pond with koi fishes bridging you to the kitchen where delectable aroma of seafoods and other Asian foods are being cooked to excellent taste. Tables in red, and waitresses in kimono made me think it was one Chinese or Japanese restaurant, but no, I was wrong. It was one Asian food cuisine we have entered into.

Waiting for us inside was the owner, Mr. George Sandoval who immediately ushered us towards our table. He was excited to let us taste-test the newest offering in their menu. Of course, I was more excited.

And I definitely did not stop myself from gasping an OMG when the crabs and the food were served.

First off, the black rice. Cooked in squid ink, without the squid taste, this black rice is a winner!

Black Rice in Squid Ink

Yummy beef tenderloin, hubby's favorite!

And the crabs! this one's another winner, oh! in fact all those served were all winners!

Typhoon Shelter

There were two huge crabs, one at 1.2 kilograms, and another at more than 700 grams. Soaked in garlic marinade, with spices and herbs, one look and your brain will scream in delight! My tastebuds told me it was perfectly delicious! The marinade and the spicy garlic is there, that is, to normalize a shooting blood pressure.

The unbroken hard shell covers 4 parts of the fatty irresistible crab flesh. One thing you'd love to do on a typhoon? Eat and be merry, hence the perfect name, Typhoon Shelter.

This one's the additional menu, it's called tamarind shrimp. And this is the one that we're checking out. It is a little sour with its tamarind taste, a perfect match to win over the crab taste. The tamarind sourness was actually not met according to the owner. He said they were still trying to experiment on this menu, and as to how it will gustatorily please tastebuds. For me though, a little more of the tamarind taste would be sufficient. I'd even rather have this unchanged since the kids will just love the taste minus the sour it will give.

Minced pork with lettuce and fried sotanghon

When I first tasted this menu, it was when we were invited to have lunch at another fine dining resto here in the city, however, I did not know the name of the menu and how it is eaten that I barely took notice of the taste.

Red Trellis offers this menu with such nice spicy minced pork on top, munched while placing the fried sotanghon enclosed in a piece of fresh lettuce leaf, and with a sweet sauce to equalize the spice and the bland taste of the fried sotanghon.


And whoa there! To finally gobble up everything, Red Trellis has got Slurpee! A nice brain freeze will surely come your way.

Kudos to Sir George for a very homely atmosphere inside Red Trellis plus the excellent Asian food! Thanks for the invite Sir Avel.

Crabs at P90 per 100 grams. Red trellis is located at Tiongson St., Lagao, Gen. Santos City. For orders and reservations, call them up at (083) 302 - 2722. Sir George will surely be pleased in accommodating you, he even personally goes around each table asking how you are settled in his place.

Red Trellis: ★★★★★


Heart of Rachel said…
Hi Sheng. That looks like a nice place. I like the setting and the food looks really delicious. What a feast!
kg said…
sheng, hinay hinay lang sa kain! :) kaya lang mukhang ang sasarap nyan talaga ano? :)

sheng pag napadpad ako gen san, bring me there ha, i love seafood!
sheng said…
@KG, dali book a flight na dito sa Gensan! Seafoods galore tayo!
Ibyang said…
that resto is a foodie's dream come true...i want to go there now na! your photos are so enticing :)
princess_dyanie said…
5mins lang yan from inyo? wow! sheng! pag pumunta ako sa inyo, punta din tayo diyan ha! kg!! lets go!!! :P
upto6only said…
wow crabs sarap naman nyan. sarap talaga ng seafoods dyan.
Anonymous said…
i love sea food! woot woot! that really looks like a comfy place to hang out. now if only i can go to it LOL
witsandnuts said…
The slurpee is perfect for the kind of weather there. I love seafood, too. Nice wide angle shots!
Manila Girl said…
I'm so jealous, I wish we had this in Manila!
the donG said…
oh wow! crabs! i like seafood so much even if im allergic to most of the seafood.

laging food trip ang gen bloggers ah.
Anonymous said…
hi sheng jon here...missing was very generous of you samen nilang domz, oman, and chidmark. Next month cam norte kame...add me up sa facebook, Ginutom ako sa latest blog entry nyo po. sarraap..
Anonymous said…
wow, seafood! sarap naman,
lalo ko namiss ang pinas.
(uwi na ko, waaaah)
iluvgreen said…
im salivating heheh.. ang galing ng shots.. how i wish i have a vavavoom cam too but for now i will enjoy my digicam muna
sendzki said…
kung inde lang ako allergic

pero kumakain pa rin ako minsan ng seafoods hehe..

(nakibasa at babasang muli)

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