Sheng's Stir Fried Beef Teriyaki and Veggies

I seldom go home to the husband and the kids now because of work. And I feel guiltier because I do not have time to cook for them when I am home because I always reach home very late and/or I get out of the house very early as well. During the times that I am home, weekends or during times when I take a leave, I cook, I get addicted to cooking as if it is a stress reliever for me. And so I cooked, and last weekend's home cooking was beef teriyaki with veggies. 

My husband and kids are carnivorous, they like beef, pork and all the dishes combined for as long as they contain pork or beef. The husband is not fond of seafoods, but I do, so I sometimes whip some seafoods platter for me and the rest of the family, and make some beef veggies for the husband, hence the beef teriyaki I made for him while I was enjoying my halaan soup.

I cannot really tell you in detail how I did this but it's a little sauteing, mixing of veggies and simmering. I only added carrots and cauliflower and sprinkled crushed peanuts for the garnishing. It was good, very good. And I hope you see how tasty it looks like. 

I just wish I could cook for them more often.



docgelo said…
did you i just read halaan soup? wow, sarap noon! it has been ages since i tasted a bowl.

mukhang masarap din ang beef teriyaki with vegetables mo, sheng! i'm sure your family's happy with your cooking!

so what's the menu at your home this weekend? have a happy and a delicious one! :)
onyxx said…
i'm trying to forgo lunch right now because i have to rush to keep my appointment... but this entry isn't making things easy :)
Teeni said…
That looks delicious!

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