A Visit to the Big City - The Mind Museum Trip

My heart cannot contain the happiness I still feel knowing that I gave my kids a wonderful vacation during my birthday weekend. The travel was booked July of the previous year that's why we had enough time to prepare for the said travel. I had enough time to prepare for funds, itinerary, and schedule of where we are to go and a lot more. 

As a Mom, it was a hard thing to do, knowing what to do in Manila during the 3-day visit and where to bring the kids that will excite them, or make them behave. But with the help pf my friends who were in Manila and who have been to the places we have wanted to go, everything was a bliss. They were the ones who helped me decide where to go to, and what not to miss when in Manila. Of course, there's the internet who enticed me and their Dad to visit such places. But there were also places we missed going because of the lack of time, and well, we are remembering to visit such places on our next trip back to Luzon. 
But let me tell you that Manila had an appeal to the kids that never before appealed to me. Probably because of the traffic, the pollution, the crowded streets. h the difference between my generation and theirs. They were not at all concerned at the traffic, the noise, but they were instead happy to be roaming the busy streets of Manila, even how much tired they were with all our walking, they still managed to stay up and about. 

We visited The Mind Museum on the very day we arrived in Manila. We proceeded to Taguig to enjoy the long thing that excited us, Science! Everything in Mind Museum was a scientists escape farm. We had so much with our 3 hour visit even if we had just arrived. We explored every nook of the place, where there are exciting things to do, we did. We jumped at Shadow Boxes, had our hair stand to its end, watched Mad Science Lab activities, walked on piano-like staircases and so much more. We had a chance to watch two 3D shows via the Observatory Dome, and the kids had a chance to dig up fossils. There were so much to see in The Mind Museum. We saw skeleton of a huge dinosaur, and saw how big a whale was. And then, there were these games of seeing people thru night visions, how the first printing machine ever came to be, and a lot more to see.

What I cannot imagine was that, the kids and adults enjoyed it albeit the weariness of the long flight we had. The sparkle in they eyes of my kids were precious. 

The Mind Museum was a place that would bring my kids to talking much when they got back home, and I am sure that stories should be told as per their experience. 

With this experience that we had, I am a happy mother who intends to bring the kids again to another trip should time, health and finances agree with us. We will definitely be taking another trip. To where? That remains to be seen!



Photo Cache said…
the museum is fascinating for both kids and adults. that's a safe bet.

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