Earning Money is Hard Thing

Earning money is surely a hard thing to do, we had sleepless nights when we did it last week, and the rest of my days were sore and groggy. But i am very glad that we did it, the sleepless nights were worth our while, i will be buying a new DSLR camera very very soon, and after the camera, another set of busy schedule goes along with it, come June for ID's. Why is earning money hard but self-fulfilling? Because you use it up clean. While others wait for money to pass by, I and my honeybunch grope for it, and use it for the future. I feel so relieved that the Lord has given us the strength to move on in reaching for the plans He has for us. Now that graduation stuffs are over, the kids are waiting for a grand time, and i won't let this vacation pass without letting them experience a fun summer. Anyway, even if we use the money well earned, it will also be well-spent.

Happy Summer everyone!


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