twinkle, twinkle, little star

After more than 7 long years of my happily married status, the last time i saw a shooting star was last night. I looked up in the dark night sky and saw millions of stars twinkling, i was actually looking for my favorite star... the big dipper, and suddenly there fell a shooting star. It was so grand that i didn't know what to do. I got so excited that i couldn't even mumble a wish. Instead, i just closed my eyes and whispered something i really want, but not an exaggerated wish. I have long been attached with stars, it reminds me of God's loving kindness and His mercy, in that even when in the darkness, God placed stars to light up the darkness. Nighttime also reminds me of my college years, i used to go out in the spacious and grassy MSU ground, only to look at the stars and whisper something to them, wishing they will hear me when i talk and relay my message to the people i love. It has been long since i haven't done that. Now, i am a busy mother of two kids, my kids love the stars and we love to go stargazing in a clear dark night. Stars are one of my favorite objects in the world, next to my kids.

Today, i promised myself, i will grant my kids some quality time gazing at the stars in the night. I will let them see God's beauty in the night. And i will tell them that when they get lonely, the stars are there to let them be happy.

Here's a favorite quote about stars. Click here for the site. Remember, God's light shines upon you even in the darkest of nights. Happy stargazing!


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