What Have I Been Feeling Lately...

* Jittery... I am nervous on what the new magazine will be like when it comes out. Many are expecting it to be, if not perfect, near to good!

* Missing hubby feeling... Ric's going to Manila on Friday to buy a new camera. He'll be returning after 2 days though, but i already miss him. ;-)

* Excited. The new camera will be arriving real soon, it was a hard-earned precious thingie. Product of many sleepless nights plus a thousand worth of groceries to go for each night we stay awake just to finish graduation jobbings.

*Sad. I keep going to the office without seeing my daughter awake. She sleeps until 9-10AM, and when i get back from work during lunchtime, she gets back to sleep. What a sleeper.

*Cold. I dunno why, the air conditioner gets into me now, newly cleaned it is.

*Worrisome. I worry a lot, especially the future. I would really like to transfer to my very own house soon, i will want to share it only for me, hubby and the kids.

* Itching to travel. I would like to go to Manila, see the Ocean Park, Luneta, Fort Santiago...Cebu again, Bohol... the Chocolate Hills. Palawan...Tubbataha... Hmmm, i will wait for next year, good idea. Yeah, and with the new camera, great shots will i get!

*Hungry. The pang is killing me...

*Ready for a good read. Hmmm...just finished reading a James Patterson book, Maximum Ride is superb!

*Generally Happy. I am with the kids, the good and kind hubby. With some bills to pay, and food in the fridge, what more can I ask for?


Guhn said…
See Please Here
ms firefly said…
thanks for the postcard sheng! i love it! where did you get it? i saw you joined postcrossing too, i hope you enjoy it!

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