Love... 8 years and counting

oooh, love of my life...
destined forever
you know the joy you bring to me...

After my college years, I was really determined to get myself a job, that is due to the financial instability my family is undergoing. I am the first of the four, and after me, 2 college kids are still asking for financial insurance because of their education. My determination to get myself a job was answered, Joy gave me one. I worked as a staff of WebLink Philippines Inc. I have to help in the internet cafe as customer service consultant. I was then being technically aided with Ric, the company's computer engineer and technical geek.

Ric and Sheng, 8 loving years

My first day of work then was May 31, months have passed and I have known Ric for his being active in checking the computers and the internet connection, we then found each other to be lunch partners. I was officially in love with another guy then, one who really made me feel special then. But this guy was always never beside me, he was a seaman. My months with Ric proved to be more special than what I felt with the guy. I felt days that being with him feels electric. I seemed to be enjoying much of the breaks and lunch, and all the food-trips in between. It was not until late October, on a cold morning at work, after doing the graveyard shift, a kiss made me realize I love this guy.

An email waited for me, saying it was all an error, a mistake that he could not resist. The kiss was all a mistake, he said. But no, butterflies have been flying inside me, i already loved him.

I didn't know what to do with the official guy, that kept haunting me until I finally got to tell him about Ric's being more special. I knew it hurt him, consider 5 years and 9 months to be together, but it would have surely pained me to keep quiet. I felt guilt eat me up, but i got to be free, i have to be honest with myself.

Ric and I continued seeing each other, until we found ourselves to be so much indulged that we have to get married. May 28, 2000, we exchanged our "I do's".

We get to fight sometimes, we jave healous pangs, we feel tired of daily stuffs, yet we reached our 8th year. With two wonderful kids, we made it through rough times.

I feel so overly in love with this guy, and meeting him 9 years ago was never a mistake for me. It always is a special date being with him all the days of my life. His love for me seems to keep me going and going. And so I am grateful. Ask me who I want to be with in my next lifetime, and it will still be Ric. Happy 8 years of loving my beloved husband. I live to be in love with you and you alone.


jeanny said…
I just love reading stories like this....kakakilig..

Happy Anniv to you and to your hubz....more fruitful years to come :)

Blue Rose said…
hi shengmarie. i found ur blog through wifely steps.

kakakilig naman ang love story nyo.

happy anniversary to you and to your husband.
ayen said…
wow, kakakilig nga! congrats and hope you stay happy. :)
shengmarie said…
jeanny: thanks for being my inspiration to blog... i love your site, i visit it everyday.

blue rose: thanks for the greetings, it's so wonderful to be in love with the same person over and over again.

ayen: hehehe, kakakilig nga, thanks for reading my blogs, i am still learning.
JavaQueen said…
This is beautiful! I love to read happy ending stories ;) I am looking forward to more!!!

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