Grateful Heart

I thank God...

for them,

because they fill my heart with JOY
every time they laugh,

and when they are strong and healthy,
I am even stronger.

for him...
because he taught me that love is unconditional.
He made me what I am now,
and that I must appreciate the smallest details of my life
because there are even many who lack.

for this...
because I understand now that life is Good.
Even when storms come,
there is always the SUN that will shine
after the dark days.

and for this...

that I may already call our own,
a home that will keep us sheltered in,
a home that will keep us together
living happily and worry-free.

...and for EVERYTHING that is good in our lives.
Even if there be bad, thank you.
Because the bad ones always let out the good in us.

Thank you.

In many ways, we need to be thankful.
What are you thankful for?


Anonymous said…
This is so sweet, thoughtful, and very true. Even on my down days, I know I have lots to be thankful for. I'm thankful for my husband, yes, even when he irks me, and for my 3 kids. Your two babies ARE SOOOoo beautiful - and from your description, your husband must be wonderful to you too, I'm really happy that you have a loving home to call your own- everyone should be so lucky!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing..
Rico said…
I am thankful for my wife, my life, our family's health, and all the favors and blessings that come our way. God is good. He has nothing but good plans for us. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for the little things.
kg said…
I am thankful for so many things...I can't even start! :)
Blue Rose said…
thank you for sharing this one.

i am thankful for many things--for my husband, my daughter, my family, my family in-laws & friends. also for my job and for all the blessings that come our way.
kaylee said…
OH my love that post and I would love to be friends with yu :)
Joanharvest said…
I had to come over and visit you after you visited my place. Your two children are so beautiful. I too am most thankful for my children. I live with my daughter and her husband. It was so wonderful for them to take me in so I wouldn't be alone. Your husband is a wonderful photographer. I can't believe how beautiful his photos are. We both have a lot to be thankful for.
jeanny said…
Hi sheng. You have a beautiful family. ;)

Happy weekend!
jeanny said…
hi ulit. Sis I tagged u here Hope you can do this. Thanks :)
Kreez said…
Hi sheng,

Great looking family and indeed, we have a lot of things to be grateful for. Have a great week!
toni said…
This is such a heartful reflection! :)

I am thankful for...
... a job that I enjoy.
... a wonderful and supportive husband who makes me laugh all the time.
... a warm and loving family.
... good health.
... my talents, God's special presents.
... a cozy home.
... trustworthy friends.
... a fulfilling life.


Awww, this post of yours is so good for the heart!
ms firefly said…
hello sheng!
i see you've got a new home, cheers!!!

i'm thankful for answered prayers, for a God who knows exactly what i need.
witsandnuts said…
Very heartfelt. This post definitely partakes how wonderful your life is. You're very blessed. May God bless you and your family more and more. =)
Alice Teh said…
What a beautiful post! I'm thankful for everything that God has bless me with. I also thank Him for a new friend like you. :)
bem said…
awww, this post made me teary eyed. beautiful. truly, we should really be thankful for what we have and be grateful to God for giving us what we need to be happy and fulfilled in life.

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