Love and Hate Meme...

A tag! First time I have a tag...and I'm so happy. This I got from jeanny and I will surely love to post this. What you will do is this:

List down 5 things you hate and 5 things you love. Then, put the link or links of your blog or blogs in the list. Tag at least 5 people

So here's mine for the answers:


1. Liars! I hate them... grabeee... Anybody who loves them?

2. Insensitive people.... grrrrr... can't they feel for what others feel? I am so sensitive that I can only cry my heart out to those who suffer... Frank's victims for one, I so feel for them...

3. Pimples...ouch, they make me hide... I wonder why didn't I have the face of Heart E., or KC Concepcion...

4. Busy days! That pains me.

5. My Bosses... they feel so bossy, and in many ways that they are so bossy, they suck... grrrr... they have the right, don't they? =)


1. God... my Only SAvior... for everything I am into.

2. Family, hubby, kids... they give me every ounce of strength I need to keep on with life.

3. Good food, good house, good health, good life.... who wouldn't love that?

4. Long and grand Vacation with family... wow, when kaya?

5. Good sleep... hahaha... What I really need these days...

I tag you....rico, kaylee, kumareng grace, odette, gracey.

DO this guys, and think of the hates and loves...what do you think will you do to love the things you hate? and what will you do to love more the things you love.


jeanny said…
thanks sheng for doing this and it's a pleasure na ako ang unang nagbigay ng tag sa u :)

Ngat po lagi ;)
kg said…
thanks for the tag sheng! will do it as soon as i have the time think my answers over! :)
Joanharvest said…
Great hates and loves. It sounds like you have some good loves and that is so nice for you. I am so happy for Odette right now.

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