My Big Mistake

lovely and amazing Malipano Island
Island Garden City of Samal
Davao City

Pearl Farm Beach Resort
Samal Island

lovely white sand beach
and clear blue waters
wow, this speaks nice tourism adventure.

Take a good look at the SUN. It was up, yet covered by the clouds, and look!
Rings, I didn't know the sun has rings.

His friends and co-photographers enjoyed the lovely day on the island,
not taking a dip,
but taking shots of the cool green waters, and the lovely site.

Ahhh, a diving board cum slide, haha, lovely dip it could have been if I was there.

Renowned photographer Erick Lirios,
resource speaker for the event first picked their photo for critique,
and he said this was a very nice shot.

How i really wish I could go to this place too. It was really a mistake not to have gone with him, but no, I also enjoyed my day with the kids. Soon, I hope he will bring us, whole family in this island.

Wanna go? Samal Island is in the heart of Davao City. More of this here. And for more pics of Ric's pictures of the lovely island, please click here.


Blue Rose said…
wow ganda!

in my previous work, meron kaming project jan sa samal island. sayang nga lang hindi ako naka2sama kpag bumabyahe sila don.
Gracey said…
Ahh! I miss Davao :( If only I can go home as often as I want to..

Nice photos though!
kg said…
You know what I love about Davao? The fact that sunflowers (my favorite flower) grow by the side of the street! Para lang syang damo. (I've tried again and again to grow sunflowers here in Manila--all failures) But more than that, Davao is a great place talaga! :)
shengmarie said…
blue rose: I have been to SAmal once, sa Paradise Island, that was then 1995 pa, oh well, dunno how Samal looks like now that changes to beautify the place have been underway for the past years. Thanks for dropping by.

gracey: when you get to Davao, you may want to contact me so we can meet,hehehe. Gensan is just a 3-hour drive from Davao City. Thanks for dropping by.

kg: The sunflowers is Ric's flickr site grow from our neighbor's garden in La Cassandra. I plan to plant the same when we move to our own house. Thanks for the visit.
ms firefly said…
we had a beautiful sunset when we were in pearl farm last year. really beautiful. i could read the whole day in our balcony too just above the water. everything was beautiful then.

tell ric the pics are awesome!
caryn said…
wow, that looks real idyllic!
jeanny said…
I love the photos. So surreal. I of these days I will asked hubs to visit Davao. ;)

Have a great day sheng.
shengmarie said…
odette: yes dette, ganda talaga no, wish i really wish i went along with him. cge lang,next time na lang uli.

caryn: very idyllic indeed. thanks for visiting.

jeanny: when you get to Davao, tell me. I wish to see you too. Nice day there!
JavaQueen14 said…
Hi, I just came by because of your awesome comment on my page. OMG, can I come too??? I've never even been out of the U.S.A. and this looks absolutely dream-like. I'm going to look around some more. I see Gracey and Odette have signed here, so I know I'm in good hands here ;) Thanks so much!
ayen said…
ang ganda nga nung island! haaay, sarap puntahan. :)
witsandnuts said…
Nice photos. I've been there 4 years ago. Sadly I wasn't much a photobug yet then. I only took some very amateur shots. A very lovely place, and of course I miss its aquabike and durian crepe. =)

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