I thank Odette for inviting me to postcrossing. I have already received 3 postcards from different places, 2 from Finland, and 1 from China. I love the postcards.

postcards Ric and I made
photos taken by Ric and Mike

With the present situation we have in the Philippines, I told myself to really save grandiosely. And so, i asked Ric, my hubby to make me some personalized postcards. He took the photos himself while we were in Cebu and the two sunset photos are an addition by his friend, Mike.

see the back of the card? looks like one from the bookstores, right?

Say, lovely than those commercial-made postcards, aren't they? And it never cost me anything, except for the paper and the ink. Even more valuable, it came from the heart!

Want to see more of Ric's shots? Click here please.


Hi! Got here through Odette's blog.
Those postcards look great. What kind of paper did you use? :)

- gracey from
ms firefly said…
hi sheng!
i love your postcards! pwede ask one for souvenir? :) sunset lang please!
shengmarie said…
hi dette, will send you some of my postards, hehehe, dami pa ko niyan. expect it in your mail. love you dette.
jeanny said…
great shots...loving them!

Have a grand weekend!!!

the husband said…
Those are great shots! The wife and I are also into photography, though amateur pa lang. Good idea making them into postcards.
shengmarie said…
the husband: thanks, you can also do just that, pwede nga din ibenta... hehhee, it is a good income-generating project.


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