what's. inside. my. bag

my violet flowery bag

and all its contents

Hi everyone, today, i will be sharing to you the lots in my bag. I got this violet bag a year ago from GIBI, only 500+ bucks and it really is handy. With my work, i have been keeping lots of thingamagigs in it and they keep me company until the end of every day. Here they are:

1. an umbrella - one that is needed for everyday keep, especially with the unreliable weather we have these days

2. my ever beloved hanky - can't leave house without it

3. 2 cellphones - one for business and the other for family use

4. hair doctor - love this thing, ever since i got my hair relaxed, it always comes handy.

5. chapstick - i don't wear lipstick, i only prefer chapstick, good protection for the drying lips

6. dolfenal 250 - i need this for migraine attacks

7. white flower - love the scent, so refreshing and life sustaining smell

8. USB flash drive - always keeps me company, for files like mp3s, pics, and lotsa games

9. post-it stick pads - good for listing what to buys and what-not-to-buys

10. clean wet wipes - from Bench, for sticky fingers when you eat yummy chocolates.

11. hand sanitizer - when i am with my kids, i wipe them all over their hands. they get to be ruddy and places hand into mouth even if they're dirty.

12. correction tape - always need this for office use. this is really useful for emergency corrections.

13. tali sa hair - i have a kinda' long hair i would love to flaunt, but when it gets to be so messy, a tie always comes in handy.

14. my drawer keys - hahaha, ilang beses ko nang naiwan to sa bahay, of course can't open my drawer, and what do i do, do what robbers do, break the locks!

15. strepsils - in case of sore throat and sarap-kamutin throat attacks.

16. pens - 1 red, 1 black signing pen. i don't use blue ink. 1 ballpoint pen, 1 highlight marker, a pentel pen marker, and my ever beloved multi-colored pencils. always good for my editing needs.
my pens in all their glory!

What's inside your's? Do tell!


jeanny said…
hi sheng...I read your reply sa comment ko sa last post mo...touch ako...salamat sis... :)

By the way...alam mo ba favorite ko ang tag na to...I've done this also here.

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