What Happened at The Wedding

Well, we started the day (Saturday) with doing the laundry, while we are at it, breakfast was served at 10, we had a late lunch at 1, and the kids were hopefully excited for the wedding.

1.30 pm, we were having turns at the bathroom for our quick showers. Tabebs was really excited over becoming a flower girl, heheheh, and my boy was excited too because the wedding will surely offer him his social experiences since my kids don't really go out as often as they want, they are both enclosed in the four corners of our lot, except when Biboy is at school.

So 2pm came and Tabebs and I went to the hotel to dress up. The kid won't! Yes, she wouldn't ever wear the flower girl gown. Whew, she screamed in the room where people are gathered to have their final touches and colors. I was desperate, I should be, she's just 2. Oh boy! I pulled her out of the room to convince her to dress up because 3pm is almost near.

Finally, I had dress up, but another problem arose, she wouldn't let her hair done, not even her face. Grrr. Yes people, patience is a virtue. So i had to talk her over it. Hmmm... and so when I had the chance to place the flowery crown on her and let her look at the mirror, she was awed at the beauty of herself, hehehe...

And here are the pics of us at the wedding.

And when we went up the aisle, gosh, she was hesitant to walk. Grrrr... bata talaga. She wouldn't let go of my hand, so when we paraded down the aisle, I was with her. Hahaha. First time ko din nag flower girl eh, so yun, dalawa kami ang rumampa... hehehe... See me walking down the aisle, hehehe...

After the wedding rites, the reception was held at Phela Grande Convention Center, and the food was really great. We enjoyed the food and the disco, yes, after that, there was a ballroom cum disco dance.

It was a great day after all.


caryn said…
wahahaha! the adventures we have with kids ... always exciting no? ;-)

when i got married i wanted to get my inaanak as flower girl but the church only allowed kids 5 and above. we were on a tight sched kasi. san sebastian is a virtual wedding factory in december ;-)
Jeanny said…
she's so cute....

so how was the feeling of being a flower girl...hmmmm, ako rin yata hindi pa nagiging flower girl.

:) Tc mami sheng
ms firefly said…
sheng, did you move to your new home na? where do i send your postcard?

cute ni tabebs, i love that gown on her!
witsandnuts said…
I've been a flower girl only once, in my aunt's wedding. My hair was real short. I didn't have that cute hairdress of Tabebs. =)

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