What's the Cure for Migraine?

And that is what's killing me now, whatever is the cure for this, I don't know. I have been feeling this for more than three years now and I take Mefenamic acid, Dolfenal 250 mg. but I guess it does not work for me now, so i added another 250 mg dosage. I am taking 500 mg now but the pain still comes, and it is driving me crazy. It comes once or twice in a month especially when i am nearing my period. It attacks me the whole day until the nighttime that I can't even shut my eyes off only to feel numb about the freakin' headache.

This is such a bad thing for me because I. have. stuffs. to. do.

I have this order of wedding invitation to finish, and a thousand more IDs to do. Being my extra job, they can't be ignored because they give me ticket to luxury and financial freedom. Whew, so there, Happy day for you guys. I am sending off a loot of mags to Toni of Wifelysteps, and a card for of Caryn of Sari-saring Kulay. I will be taking a blogging break, but soon as I have loose and easy schedule, I will come around again. But I will continue reading guys. I will just need some rest, a sleep. A sleep!, ahah, that's what I need. So ngork ngork I go. See yah around.


toni said…
Take care Sheng. Have a gooooood sleep!
jeanny said…
Hi sheng. Hope you have that rest you want.

Bat ako wlag something from you (inggitera ba, hehehe)

btw, I got another tag for u here
caryn said…
awww, sweetie. check with your EENT. hahhaa ito na ang aking basic recommendation ngayon. just to be sure nothing is wrong. hope you feel better soon! hugs!
Blue Rose said…
hi sheng!

hope you're ok now.

yan din ang problema ko... walang kamatayang migraine.

pero sa akin madalas kapag hindi ako nakakakain on time. like last week, during the seminar lagi ako may migraine kasi late na kami naglulunch.
Alice Teh said…
Hi Sheng, I have migraine too. Sleep is all you need. I take ponstan 500mg when I'm desperate or at work. If I can help it, I just snooze it off. I hope you're feeling better now. :)
TPS said…
Hi! Here's my foolproof migraine reliever:
1. Make yourself throw up. Seriously! Throwing up somehow eases the pressure on your brain, or something to that effect.
2. Drink coffee + 2 tablets of paracetamol
3. Sleep
4. Avoid light! If you must go out, wear very dark shades.
Hope this helps!

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