And it is Very very Soon!

When I awoke this morning, hubby was tagging after me to turn on the television, and I heard my first ever Christmas song this year, a Jingle Bell Rock Medley on the big screen.

I never imagined days could be very soon, as in very very soon, and it all just automatically popped into my heart and brain, it's September 1, and Christmas is just around the corner!

When Christmas is nearing, I get shivers. I am afraid, very afraid. Why? Oh well, I haven't had enough to spare yet for the Christmas shopping, huhuh, and wait, are those knocks from my godchildren already? They're coming?

Well, that's the beauty of Christmas. The giving, and the taking of course, oh come on, it's really nearing. I suggest we exchange gifts here in the blogosphere? Who wants to host? Not me, please!

So, woot! wooot!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


teeni said…
Oh, no no no! Sheng, it's much too early to think about Christmas! I think the stores around here rush it too much already. As soon as the kids are back in school, out come the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas displays. They certainly know how to stretch a day into a whole season! This explains why I'm already sick of Christmas by the time it gets here. LOL.
Rico said…
Wow! It's that time again huh?! Better get those shopping bags and name list in order then!
caryn said…
hahahaha! i know what you mean, my godchildren are dalaga and binata na! gawd, antanda ko na!
Anonymous said…
I think you have a great point, it does come fast.. too fast and it is so expensive. I am glad you reminded me of this because I should start buying little things here and there for the kids so I don't get tapped out at Christmas time.... You are so right! I cannot do any type of exchange because I am such a major procrastinator (Odette send me something FOREVER ago and I'm just now knitting her a scarf)... so, I don't want to join in anything and disappoint a soul. But, the exchange sounds like a great idea!
Joanharvest said…
Christmas? Not Ready!! Not Ready!! Not Yet!! Oh dear!! Is it November and I blacked out for a couple of months?

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