In Heavenly Bliss, Because of This

Yes, I am in heavenly bliss, my best friend, Z, came home from Dubai, and as she promised, she gave me a very wonderful gift, one I can turn to in times of boredom and laziness. This.

Lovely Pearl-Pink GBA-SP
What a beautiful gift. I remember being an envious kid to my cousins for them having gameboys, and "game and watch". We were only poor earthlings so my parents cannot really afford these extravagance, but now that I have kids, I still yearn to buy this for myself, however, considering the fact that kids will surely play, and concentrate on this, instead of studies, I forgot all about it.

The day came that Zenith asked me what I want when she gets home, I immediately answered a GBA, and a Harry Potter Book, the Deathly Hallows, because that's just the last thing I need. I am already complete except for this book, a couple of chocolates to come for the munching too. Hahaha, what demands.

And so I have this. Thanks Best friend Z.

I can now play my all-time favorite...

The Super Mario Brothers

What about you? What do you want now that you've grown? Any childhood luxury you would still want for your own?

I am such a kid, so childish, and yet so childlike, but I have grown, YES, and I have become mature. But hey! That doesn't mean only kids play...

What say you?


Rico said…
My guy friends and I really enjoy playing playstation. Once we played till 5am. My current favorite is Rockband. It's so awesome! Complete with guitars and drums. You'll feel like a rockstar!
sheng said…
@Rico: I wish I have a playstation too, but I am actually considering the PSP, we can sure be entertained even if we are someplace other than the house, we frequent going to business trips, and we sure will be needing this soon, for the moment, my GBA is fine by me. Thanks for visiting.
Blue Rose said…
wow! cute and lovely.
when i was in high school i envy those people playing brick game. halos lahat kasi sila meron at ako wala.
Sinta said…
Sometimes I'm tempted to take some old newspapers and make them into makeshift guns and shurikens and throw them about :) I used to play war games with my cousins.
Gracey said…
A pink GBA! That's so cute!
I was a bit of a tomboy growing up. What having 2 older brothers and lots of male cousins, I played more boy games than girly games. In my later teen years though, I discovered my girly self. I'm a late bloomer, hehe! I now want a dollhouse and japanese dolls like blythe and lati!
witsandnuts said…
Yay, the color is so chica! I wanted a dollhouse and a barbie doll as a kid. I oddly never had one. But I was more engrossed with my paper dolls, my cousins were also into it. For now, I'm enjoying Kung Fu Panda in playstation. =)
witsandnuts said…
Btw, I tagged you here:

Heart of Rachel said…
That's a nice gift. When I was a young girl, I remember being ecstatic when my parents gave my brother and I a family computer. Mario was one of our favorite games. :)
joanharvest said…
About 10 years ago we had Super Mario Cart parties at my house. We were crazy for that game. I got really good at it. I could even beat some of the younger kids.

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