It's all about ME!

The fantabulous JavaQueen tagged me with this, and I love to post this for you to know more about me too. So here's ME!

I am: *toinks* 30 years old
I think: "Life is a winding road, all ups and downs, but when will I stay in the middle?"
I know: many things, an additional knowledge to me never gets me back to my old dimension.
I have: 2 kids, a girl named Raine Cassandra, and a boy named Ric Christian.
I wish: I could move out to our own house now, and have ourselves a car to bring us anywhere.
I hate: liars, and haughty people, and those who are very insensitive jerks who come my way.
I miss: my sis, she's working in Norway. She's my fave sis.
I fear: death, because it's too early for me to die and leave my kids.
I hear: chirps, there's birds on the aircon, hehehhee....
I smell: nothing, I just smell myself.
I crave: for anything good, hmmm... chocolates, that is!
I search: for the truth, what truth will I be needing to know?
I wonder: if I will have a pasalubong from my best friend when she comes home on Friday.
I regret: not having taken the exam for becoming a medical representative. They have cars, you know, weehee..
I love: my kids, my hubby, my LIFE!
I ache: for the aches that my kids will have, I wish they're mine to behold and not theirs to suffer to.
I am not: a greedy person, never!
I believe: I will have a good life soon, very very soon!
I dance: when I am happy, and never when something distracts me.
I sing: only at night, when I let my daughter sleep. I sing to her lullabies.
I cry: when I am hurt, when somebody pains me, when I am in trouble!
I fight: when I am not cared for, when no one seems to understand me. I win: at Puzzle Bubbles, a game in my cellphone, top honors goes to me.
I lose: at discussions relating to computers, oh, I'm never good in this.
I never: sleep without a blanket.
I always: eat breakfast before starting my day!
I confuse:myself when there are bills to prioritize.
I listen: to my daughter sing, she sings beautifully.
I can usually be found: at the office, in my table.
I am scared: of lizards! Haha...yes, I am!
I need: a car, my family needs it.
I am happy about: the way things are for now. I am looking forward to something brighter though.
I imagine: Life at our own home, what a lovely scenario it will be.

And this is me!

I tag: jeanny, blue rose, ayen, gracey


Blue Rose said…
hi sheng! jeanny also tagged me this one.
just posted it in my blog few minutes ago. thanks!
Jeanny said…
hi Sheng...hehehe...JQ tagged me with this na...

here is the link

Thanks pa din for tagging me
javaqueen14 said…
You know, it makes me realize how much we all have in common no matter where we are living. Your answers are so wonderful, I can relate to so much of it. I cry..."when I'm in trouble" heee-heeee! Me too! And the picture, it's so GREAT to see a beautiful picture to go with your name! Thank you!
joan harvest said…
I did this one too. Your answers were wonderful especially the I ache one. My children are much older than yours. They are adults almost your age but I still ache when they are in pain or feeling bad. I would gladly take their pain away if I could.

I can understand you finding it hard to leave the oldies. I ended up giving my house to my daughter but the deal was that I came with it. But I also cook all their meals and do all the shopping and errands. And when my daughter has a child she will work and I will stay home and take care of it. She only has one oldie to deal with. You have four. That must be very difficult.

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