Mails, and More

Because of Postcrossing, I have made myself an eager writer, and an earnest receiver of mails. It is the feeling of being so special by receiving something that made me travel to places I have never heard of, and never intended of seeing. Postcrossing brought me to places, taught me geography, and developed in me the virtue of Patience, that for each of the mails, one must learn to wait.

And waiting for some snail mail loving, I am a happy person. When the mail gets to my hands, my hands are over-eager to grasp it and enjoy it.

Thanks for the people who have made my days brighter by sending some mails.

From Dublin, this is Odette's postcard. And two more from Norway and Finland.

All the way from Dublin, Ireland

And if any of you are interested to send me some snail mails, feel free to do so, I would so love that. Hehee...

And here's a pic of me, feeling very tired from a day's work at the office. Only rewarded with a hot soup from Chowking!

Hmmm, I have an idea, why don't you post an image of yourself feeling so down and tired or one that you feel funny being photographed. Hahaha, wanna join? Post it now.


Sinta said…
Nothing like a happy hello from somewhere else in the world :) Hrm, after today I might just have to post a down picture of me. It's going to be a tough day!
kg said…
Snail mail is, sadly, a dying part culture. I mean I haven't received snail mail in months (even years!). People now mostly turn to the Internet.
How nice it must be to receive "mail". :)
Jeanny said… look really tired. Good thing there's a bowl of steaming soup to ease you up :)

I love snail mail too. I check that postcrossing :)
Heart of Rachel said…
It's always uplifting to receive snail mail. The thought of knowing that a person spent time writing it is a wonderful gift by itself.

Thanks for visiting.
Blue Rose said…
awwww!!!! i miss receiving mails. tamad din kasi ako magsulat lalo na ng nauso ang email at cellphone.
you really looks so tired sheng!
take care always.
Rico said…
Good thing it's going to be along weekend. Hope you feel better!
TPS said…
I love letter writing (as in! my friend and I are trying to keep letter writing alive---one letter at a time), and I just might join this Postcrossing thing. Hmmmmm...I might even do a post on my letter set collection.
ms firefly said…
ohh, good that you got my mail! :)

take care sheng, take it easy, and may your weekend be even better! :)
caryn said…
waaah! i want to eat at chowking too! nakakamiss ang wanton soup with siomai and that garlic thingie ;-) tapos halo-halo for dessert! yummers!
joanharvest said…
e-mail me your address. I will send you a post card from Cape Cod.

I think I have already posted enough crazy photos and videos of myself. You look tired. I hope you got some rest.

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