Meet Judy

I was away from Thursday until yesterday but my weekend was superbly good. Last Friday, I had to join my kid in school with their culmination of the Nutrition Month where they had a cookout picnic, and some parents were there too to celebrate Nutrition Month with their precious children.

In the afternoon, I went to Maasim, Sarangani Province to close a deal with a school who re-ordered a thousand IDs for their students. That was really great! I closed a deal too with their permanent records and report cards and some printing needs.

Saturday, we were waiting for Ric's aunt, Auntie Ruping, she will be going with us to Marbel to attend her granchild's (Matet) capping. When Auntie Ruping got off from the tricycle, she was with Ate Edith (the mother), who flew from HK to attend Matet's capping. We were all surprised at her sudden going home. Grabe, hehhe...

And guess what I got from her?


Judy, while sitting in my computer chair
with both legs stretched lazily.

Judy was a gift from Corinna, a friend in HK. She (Judy) is quite tall at almost 3 ft, almost as tall as Tabebs too.

Isn't she adorable? With her pink dress and all, and I love her curly hair. I really love her face, she looks so angelic, I screamed in delight hugging her and giving her some pinches.

This is how her curly-tied hair looks
plus! with a pink bandanna too.

Everything about her is loveliness, and she quite reminds me of a Judy I saw on television when I was still a kid.

She's a real darling, isn't she?


Jeanny said…
ei she is cute. Gusto ko rin ng ganyan...hehehe
caryn said…
judy looks lovely, reminds me of the large raggedy ann i had when i was young, judy is only cuter. hahaha! hope tabebs enjoys her ... or is she yours sheng? hehehe!
Anonymous said…
She is cute Sheng!
ms firefly said…
awww, i miss cookouts sheng. we used to do that in elementary years, and the thought of a day without lessons was heavenly. hehe. can you tell i like free days so much?

judy is pretty in pink, i had a rag doll from my dad when i was very young, i still have it i think, buried deep in my closet at home. i'm nostalgic now. :)

i hope you and ric visit our coffee shop, and order something. it will help the business, you know... hehe
kg said…
I loved dolls when I was a kid...but my daughter does not.I don't know why. I thought that was a phase every girl goes through. Mukhang kanya kanya talaga ng hilig. (O baka naman sa panahon ngayon...when everything is "techie".)
shengmarie said…
@jeanny: Hi jeanny, thanks for the visits. I first saw a doll like that in a store here in our place but it was way too expensive for me, and when that lucky day came, the doll was in our house, even bigger than what i saw in the store, and prettier too.

@caryn: hahaha, she's mine! But of course, the kind mommy lends Little Judy to Tabebs, though she's not much of a doll-player.

@Javaqueen: Thanks JQ! She's really a darling doll!

@odette: Thanks dette, she's a lovely. I will have to drop by the coffee shop soon as I am done with lotsa oending stuffs, IDs and all. I am blessed with jobbings this time.

@kg: My daughter does not like dolls too, but I lend her this when she's in for some doll-loving. We share things, hehehe. She has this collection of Snoopy that we share together. Hmmm-Snoopy-goodness!
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witsandnuts said…
Reminds me of my big red doll as a kid. Hey, how's Marbel? I've been there in 2004. Missing the fruits. =)

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