Snoopy Goodness

When I was a kid, I used to read about the Peanuts Syndicate. I love reading about Charlie Brown, Lucy and other characters in the Syndicate.

However, much as i wanted to have anything to go with the Snoopy Addiction, I never had anything Snoopy given me or I bought, I thought they were much too expensive for me.

When I was in college, a close friend gave me Snoopy in a tuxedo-dress stuff toy on my birthday, it was a very handsome Snoopy.

And after that, nothing more came, until my kids were borne to me, and they had the love I had been missing all these years, the Snoopy Goodness.

the kids' Snoopy collection

Tabebs with her Snoopy Galore
all Snoopys in different costumes of different countries.

Ok, so that's it. My kids have them, and I guess I would just share the Snoopy Goodness with them. What makes you drool over when you were a kid? What things did you miss doing while very young? Do share!


javaqueen14 said…
Hello Sheng! Snoopy is great. Your daughter is so cute! She looks so happy to display her Snoopy collection! She is darling!
I use to like "Strawberry Shortcake" and her crew along with Garfield and Friends. I'm not sure if you know what either are but yes, loved them!!! I still do, I actually collect Strawberry Shortcakes! You know what? This is a fantastic post, I think I'll pull them out of storage and "play" with them today- it's been a long time since I got them out! Thank you, have a great weekend!
sheng said…
HI JQ! Brings out lots of childhood memories eh? I really love Snoopy, but yes, I know Strawberry Shortcake, hehehe... She is also cute. My, each of us really have very different Childhood fantasies, I am glad we all met and could share so much in this blogosphere. Have a nice weekend Anne!
TPS said…
I love Barbie---those uber-expensive feminists' nightmare! The good thing is I learned to sew because Barbie's clothes are as expensive, if not more, as a child's. Hehehe, my husband gave our daughter one for her birthday last Tuesday, and when she was sleeping, I sneaked out the doll and styled her hair.
Re shoutbox, just go to the link below mine and register.
Sinta said…
Your post reminded me of my old Snoopy stuff toy. I'd drag it everywhere with me! What else do I miss doing when I was young? Well, me, my brother and my cousins would get old newspaper and make toy guns and shurikens with them and chase it each other. I was very much the tomboy.
Toni said…
I love Snoopy. But my sister loves him more. She was addicted to Snoopy and had those same toys in your pic. :) That dog is just so adorable!
caryn said…
ooo! i remember yung ziggy ng tang! i wonder where those are now ;-)
Jeanny said…
Those are cute, but I love hello kitty more. :)

Tc sheng
witsandnuts said…
I used to like Snoopy so much during high school. Few years back I had a snoopy collection from Mc Donald's meals. I miss my little snoops back home. I hope they're still there when I'm back. =)

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