Always Count your Blessings!

Life is hard. Especially here in beloved Philippines. Whatever you do, it just doesn't seem to be enough. This picture depicts how hard life is, not only is it being experienced in my country but all over the world.

While waiting for the boat to come and pick them up for a trip to Samal, Hubby chanced upon getting this pic of this boy who digs deep in the muddy and dirty soil, for what you may ask, but to get trash, any valuable trash. Isn't it ironic? How can trash be valuable? Well, as they say, another one's trash may be another one's gold. And this is really truly happening. I feel pity seeing this picture, it just saddens me that many people have been suffering like this.

I blame the parents, the government, the teachers, this boy. I blame him for not being in school, for not thinking about what his life will be in the near future. What more?

This boy should be in school, he should be learning life in school and not in this dirty landfill where he is digging for something valuable to be sold to a junk shop. And that is in order for him to fill his empty stomach. Oh dear, it's just a hard life.

But why are there people who indulge in so many lucky things, blessings to them I may say, but they have the tendency to abuse the blessing coming their way. They do drugs, they party all night, they eat and leave their plates half full.

Oh yes, life is so unfair.

Ok, so I am blessed, and I guess you too are. So please, be thankful of the things that chance upon your way. Many people suffer, but rejoice, because you are favored. Always count your blessings!

Just spilling out the contents of my heart, for this little boy.


Heart of Rachel said…
It's really sad to see children working for a living. Children should be playing instead of working.

We should really be grateful for what we have. Some people are not as fortunate.

Thank you very much for your comment on my blog. I appreciate your support on the PBA.
javaqueen14 said…
Aww, this is sad. GAH! It really puts things into perspective Sheng. Thanks for sharing your feelings. You are a very sweet woman!
Sinta said…
It's funny how people think their world is destroyed over maybe a heartbreak, but don't think of the worlds other people are living. I am grateful for every blessing that comes my way.
ms firefly said…
hayyy. sometimes i wish i can save the world. or even gensan na lang. it's so depressing. :(
teeni said…
It's always good to start the day being grateful for what we have. It makes us better people and more compassionate.
Blue Rose said…
owww! so sad to see picture like this sheng. nakakaawa naman!

i am so thankful for all the blessings that God showered upon me.
witsandnuts said…
I'm hearing "Heal the World" in my mind while reading this.
joanharvest said…
That's a hard photo to look it. It makes me realize how fortunate I am to have a roof over my head, good food and people who love me and take care of me. I'm glad you posted it to remind me of this.
bursky said…
times are indeed hard and i still consider myself 'unfortunate' having a job and living practically alone. but reality check tells me that i am actually well-off. pictures like these are depressing and can really make one angry (at the gov't, parents, etc.) and still give you a perspective that, yes, you are indeed fortunate. you are living in luxury...
myminiheart said…
this post made me cry.. my dream is to put up a foundation for all less fortunate.. i just dont know it will happen. i meet an american tourist and he said, he admire filipinos because despite poverty, we still manage to doing a post about it soon..

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