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Philippine classroom setting, examination day : Teacher ensuring that no one gets to cheat.

Before -

Teacher: Okey class, all bags and other stuffs here in front!

Now -

Teacher: Okey class, all bags, and cellphones here in front!

Everything gets upgraded too, as technology does!

What can you say?


Sinta said…
One day, people might have microchips implanted in their brain, which may be able to download anything from a network for easy access. What will the teacher's say then?

Okey class, all bags and brains up front?
witsandnuts said…
That's brilliant, Sinta!
Jeanny said…
We don't want to be left behind right. It's fine with me!
Gracie said…
Oi, that's a scary thought. Soon they will be able to read our minds before the idea even starts to form into our head!
sheng said…
@Sinta: Hahhaa, I could never imagine that. But it could happen, knowing the fast-paced technology.

@Witsandnuts: That's really true, brilliant thinking for sinta.

@jeanny: Hay naku, ayoko na yata nung microchips, hahaha.

@Gracie: Hahaha, scary nga ano? I wouldn't even want to think about it.
Heart of Rachel said…
Times have indeed changed. :)
teeni said…
Oh, yes, things sure have changed. This was a really cute post. :)

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