For me, for me! Yay, It was for me!

I am ecstatic until now because of the goodies I received over the weekend. These loveliness arrived in my lap last Saturday! I was the one who personally received them as the the courier came. I was jumping for joy because of the loots I have received. My Creative Swap partner Jo, of WitsandNuts gave me these. She posted about her creative stuffs, and I never expected it was for me.

The hubby got excited as I was and immediately got his camera and took shots of me opening the lovely package!

Here is the bunch of goodies I received from Jo. My goodness, she has got very creative hands, I am very happy over the things I have received and while opening them, Biboy also got excited over the stuffs I got. The Kinder Bueno Chocolate was very delicious, and I shared to my hubby and kids. The Chocolate Notebook was very inviting. I don't think I will smudge it with my bad handwriting. You could not imagine it was not a real chocolate. The swinging card was very cool. And Jo, I love your penmanship. It is very neat and clean. And of course the socks! I love it. I don't think I will use it. It actually really fit me, but I will be putting it in a frame and hanging it in my bedroom. Very creative and very nice! What an amazing craft you have there Ms. Jo.

And since the chocolate is very inviting, Biboy can't resist taking a bite!

Hehehe, what a lovely surprise eh!

And since we are already talking about the Creative Swap, here's what I sent for Caryn of Sari-saring Kulay! This is no longer a secret because she is the one hosting the swap and the one who assigns partners for everyone!

And so for you dear Caryn:

I have created beaded bracelets of different kinds. I sent three, one made of white small beads, and two from woodedn beads I got from Bacolod.

I also sent her a bunch of these papers good for scrapbooking, or for some of her notes, these are my paper collections.

And these munchies to go... Caryn, I hope you enjoy them!

So, for those who wants to participate in the next round of the Creative Swap. Please hop over to Caryn's page and enlist yourself. The third round will still be in November, it's gonna be a long while for you to indulge in your craft.

Join now!


caryn said…
wow, ang saya-saya! i can't wait to get them! thanks sheng! ;-)

glad you enjoyed the swap!
teeni said…
Oooh - you got some neat gifts! I love the socks and the chocolate notebook - that is too cute. You also put together some nice gifts to send out. That is a very nice swap going on there. Maybe I will join in one sometime.
Blue Rose said…
wow! galing naman. kaw pala creative swap partner ni ms jo.

and a very nice gifts for caryn also.

saya-saya naman! para tuloy gusto ko ng sumali sa creative swap na yan kaya lang hindi ako creative eh. kawawa naman magiging partner ko. hehehe
sheng said…
@caryn: i hope you enjoy the swap items i sent you.

@teeni: Go Teeni, do join the swap, we'll start with the third round, to be sent this November.

@bluerose: Sali ka na! Kahit hindi ka creative, ako nga hindi rin, hahaha, feeling ko lang creative ako, in my own rights, haha... Cge na, join ka na para mas marami tayo!
witsandnuts said…
Yay! I'm so happy you and your family liked the package. =) I wanted to bite the choco notebook, too. I hope you'll use the socks before framing them, haha.
Sinta said…
Nice haul ^_^ Those socks are the cutest! I should really send mine off soon.
The Trashman said…
sarap ng chocolate...hehehehe
Jeanny said…
aha..ikaw pla partner ni Jo...your one lucky girl ha. Cute cute ng socks and the others stuff she send are so lovely...

I haven't had those Peanut Kisses in years!!! And those socks from Jo are adorable. :)
bursky said…
i envy caryn with those peanut kisses!!! ahuhuhu...
myminiheart said…
wahh, i really want to join....kakaingit..
Heart of Rachel said…
Those are wonderful stuff you received. I admire your swap partner's creativity and thoughtfulness.
REDLAN said…
galing naman. ganda ng mga bead accesories na ginawa mo.

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