Friendship at its Best

I was in my 2nd year in high school, was alone in the school ground to check on my section. She came up, with a friendly tone, asked me what section I belong to. I said Durian as that was the name of the section I was in. With wide happy eyes, she said, "Wow, kaklase kita. (We are classmates.)"

And I smiled and went my way. School began, and we were not that close at first, I was shy, and had to be pushed over to make friends. And she came up to me, offered her hand of friendship and we became the best of friends.

We were inseparable then. Sure, we had our share of ups and downs, and we also had our rifts. We were jealous when one goes out to make friends with others, human nature, but we emerged strong in the friendship.

Graduation came, and we had to go our separate ways to be in college, yet we still remained good friends, she might have found other group of friends but we remained in constant contact with each other through letters. I told her my secrets and she knew mine. I told her everything I felt and she knew me inside and out. In fact, I think she knew me better than I know myself.

After college, we haven't had time to relive the bond we had, we were busy looking for ways we can live, we looked after our own careers, until I got married.

I was hurt when she wasn't there when I walked up the aisle, she was supposed to be my maid of honor. I understood though, it was a career she was taking, she had her CPA exams.

Three years ago, she shocked me by telling her plans to go to Dubai, I was the last to know. But I was all the same glad she told me herself than me knowing that from other people. And so she went.

Emails, sms and calls were what joined us in contact. At least we were still in contact. Years have gone and we may have had chosen different paths. And yet, there's none I could ever call bestfriend than her. I may have had other bestfriends, but I know in my heart, you still keep the topmost part. You may have had other bestfriends surrounding you, but I know, deep in my heart, you still treasure the "WE".

Everything has to change, yes, and I am glad that we did, we matured, we dreamt and explored, we have been successful. We have braved through our indifferences. We are still bestfriends.

When she came home last month, my heart skipped. It was a reunion of freidnship, and a renewal of vows to be all the more ready for each other. A commitment, a friendship that will brave the rough times, and a friendship that rejoices for each other's winning times.

I love you bestfriend.

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."

-Walter Winchell


Jeanny said…
I know what you mean sheng. I've had 2 close friends who went abroad to work....sobrang kakalungkot but it's good na rin kasi career move ika nga ;)

Now...i already shipped your tumbler. Hope you'll love it.
teeni said…
Aw - you two are both beautiful! What a sweet tribute to a lifelong friend. I hope she sees your post and knows how much she means to you.
Sinta said…
That's so sweet! I know what you mean. I travelled a lot and usually left my best friends with the country I left behind. They are precious.I'm so glad the internet is here. Now I can stay in contact with them easily :)
witsandnuts said…
It's a treasure to have long time real friends. This post will definitely make her day. =)
Blue Rose said…
very sweet tribute for your bestfriend sheng!

you made me miss my bestfriend.
javaqueen14 said…
Sheng, you know it's a true friend when you get together after all that time and it seems as if you were never apart.... I'm happy you made your way back to each other :) This post is so sweet.
bariles said…

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dyosa said…
awww. very nice post. made me miss my 2 bestfriends whom i seldom see.
ms firefly said…
i miss my friends too. :(
caryn said…
ang sarap talaga to have friends who have been with you forever no? people you can relax with, not bothering to fill the spaces, because you're with your other self ;-)
Heart of Rachel said…
It's amazing how true friendship can withstand distance and time.
myminiheart said…
2 months ago my best friend left for saudi to work as a professor, when he broke the news of leaving, i cried. thanks to internet and high technology, it keeps us connected.

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