Good Days Gone Awry

Hello everybody, I had a looooong weekend. That’s because of Saturday and Sunday, and the Monday that came left me staying home because Tabebs woke up with a high fever. Most probably because of the rain that never stops pouring every afternoon, brought about by the new typhoon visiting the Philippine Archipelago. The weather here is crazy. It gets to be really hot in the morning till noon and is pouring in the afternoons.

Anyway, while I stayed homed to take care of my sick daughter, we had a good time bonding with each other. One day with her made me discover that she has learned a lot in her nearly three years of young life. We sang songs and read books, identified shapes and counted. Whew! I was really glad I stayed home for her. I discovered many things that she is already capable of doing like singing songs completely and knowing the lyrics all throughout. I am one proud Momma!

She’s okay now, thank God. I woke up feeling her forehead for any sign of fever, but it’s gone after I have convinced her to take her medicines in the afternoon. She took it without any drama, to take note that the morning made me mad because she wouldn’t take it, I had to get a needle-less syringe and down the meds on her open mouth. She was mad at me for pushing her to take it, oh Kids!

Tuesday, and I am glad I could get back to my routines, and do all pending things /jobs I left last Friday. Suddenly the maintenance team requested us to shut down our computers and save all files. They said they will be checking on the electrical powers of the building. Whew, what foul timing could I get. I have my hands full and yet, I have to let it still again.
Power was restored after five hours, and we were so glad all darkness in the building was over. I have to check on my mails. But sheeessshhh, because of the interrupted power, the Internet in the building was cut off, and I could not reset it because my boss left for an out-of-town trip and she brought the key with her. Ugh, very wrong timing.

So much for my unlucky days. The weekend that was never failed to give me happiness though. Last Friday, we were surprised to receive a text message from the organizer of Canon’s Kadayawan sa Davao Photo Contest that hubby’s entry was given honors being finalist for the photo contest. Exhibit ran at Gaisano Mall, Davao from period Sept. 16-18. Awarding was last Friday, but since Davao is a three-hour ride from our place, we did not push through with receiving his certificate. We were glad though that even if he did not hit the First to Fifth Place, two of his entries made it as Finalists. Hubby is a practicing amateur photographer, and so I am also enjoying his shots, and also learning.

Here is the link for the winners of that contest.

I have already shown you some of his shots too in my Kadayawan sa Davao post. Ric’s shots can also be viewed at

The Tuesday came with me receiving surprises from the mailman too. Here are some of the postcards I received, three from Postcrossers around the globe, and one from Sweet Joanie of Whatever I think. Thanks so much Joan dear. The Cape Cod postcard is very lovely. I love it so much. Lighthouses are one thing I would really love to climb.

Well, that’s just about it. I will be updating you again soon with a lovely post regarding the National Tourism Week in our city. This week is National Tourism Week and the City Government has featured lovely structures of art made from people’s trash. I will soon post it, for the simple reason that I love Mother Earth, and I am a Greenpeace Advocate. So tada for now!


teeni said…
Oh, I'm so glad your daughter is feeling better now. It is sad that she was sick but I guess the good thing was that you did get to spend some quality time with her. It's amazing how fast they grow and how quickly they learn. Oh, your postcards look wonderful! How pretty they are. What do you do with them all?
witsandnuts said…
Thank God, no more fever. I'm glad you had more quality time with your daughter. Looking forward to your National Tourism post. =)
Sinta said…
I'm glad your daughter is feeling better :) I'm just coming around from a flu myself. Nice to see another postcrosser ^_^ On that note, your package will be sent when I pass by the postoffice with the creative swap package later this week ^_^
Rico said…
Good news abound huh?!
Good to know Talebs is feeling all right!
Congratulations on your hubby for even qualifying as a finalist, which is itself already an achievement.
Blue Rose said…
oh! glad to know that tabebs is feeling all right.

uso ata flu ngayon because of the weather. ako din masama pa rin ang pakiramdam and si baby buti nalang mas nauna gumaling.

the postcards look wonderful by the way.
caryn said…
hey, i hope tabebs is feeling better now. grabe, ako rin, i got sick last week. hehehe. you take care of yourself sheng!
kaylee said…
Oh Sheng i hope shes ok??
javaqueen14 said…
Sheng, glad your baby girl is better and CONGRATS to the huz for his awesome photographs! I hope things go back to normal for you.

Sometimes, it's so nice to just sit with your child for a day. It's time that can never be forgotten- glad you had that time to bond, even if she was feeling sick....
sheng said…
@teeni: hi, i collect them and place them in an album where i can design some stuffs on them, nice thing, i love it really...

@witsandnuts: yesh, i will post them soon, but i am posting one that's more interesting now.

@sinta: Thanks you, looking forward to it. ;-)

@rico: thanks, we both are practicing, hehehe...

@blurose: yes, i am glad she is doing fine now, it hurts me so much when she is in pain.

@caryn: you take care dearie, uso nga ata ngayon...

@kaylee: she is doing much better now kaylee, i hope you feel better too, i will add you in my prayers.

@javaqueen: hi there JQ! Yes, she is doing better and i am really glad we bonded even for a weekday, soon, when we get to vacation, we will be bonding more. Hugs to you!
iceah said…
thanx for dropping by my wow c: i also have a 3yr old son named Joshua he also occupies my time c:

you actually were with kyawkyaw withe the research of that civet coffee?! wow, wla akong masabi c: sana matikman ko nalang c:available naba sa mga grocery stores?:9
LOREN said…
Hi Sheng. Kids are growing up so fast, really. They'll surprise you with their new learnings and even their new wisdom. It's good your daughter is better now.
BlogusVox said…
Okay lang yan. We're also like that with our 3 1/2yr old daughter. Sanayan lang but I'm still anxious when I hear her cough.

You'll be amazed how children learn fast. Especially if exposed to other children their own age.

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