Joining Creative Swap

Yes, I joined Creative Swap, hosted by Caryn of Sari-saring Kulay. I am not sure if I can survive the pressure of sending very good creativity for someone in the blogworld. They are all so creative, save for me I guess. So it's going to try me, at least. I have a month to practice, hehehe... Join.

So for my partner whoever it is.

1. I am into bead works, cross stitching, and an amateur for jewelry making. I am not that good with all of these things but I do this for killing time. I can try to do good though, I try my best when it's for somebody. I give my heart to what I do.

2. I am a modern girl, just the kind that will live up to the past and hopefully the future as well.

3. My favorite color is green, to add to my likes, blue and orange.

4. I would very much like to learn knitting and other creative stuffs like scrapbooking, etc.

5. I enjoy reading so much, am into philately and numismatics, recently joined postcrossing and I love collecting postcards now.

6. I would really wish for a set of tools that will entice me and inspire me to do good in my accessory making. Yes, that will be it.

So here is the meme for the mechanics and the questions. Above are already my answers .

For those who want to join in, you can buzz Caryn at her site, and wait for wonders! You may be surprised your crafts are goodies that may hit E-bay or Amazon!

ok, here we go!

1. What kind of creative things are you into?

2. How would you describe your personal style? (girly, ethnic, modern, etc.)

3. What are your favorite colors?

4. What is one craft you would like to learn?

5. What other hobbies are you into?

6. What items do you really wish you had right now?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mechanics of the swap:

1. Post the mechanics and logo on your blog and answer the meme. This will serve as reference for the people who will be sending you stuff. If you could, please tag back to Caryn's sari-saring kulay so other interested people can also sign up.

2. The swap is on a monthly basis. You will be assigned a swap partner on rotation. Consult the meme that your partner posted on his/her blog and send 4 items.

3. The four items are as follows (1-something you made, 2-a craft material you think he/she would enjoy and 3- a snack or something you like munching on before, during or after the creative rush---It'd be nice to send something interesting from where you are currently based, 4- a short note or card to say 'Hi!')

4. Items should be posted on the last day of each month.

5. Wait to receive your items and then post something about it on your blog.

6. Other crafters who aren't bloggers are also welcome to join; they just have to send Caryn an email with their name, adress and answers to the meme above to be included in the rotation. Emails may be sent to gandarynako-at-yahoo-dot-com.

7. On the first week of each month you will be sent the details of your next swap partner. Please try to keep all details confidential.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact Caryn.


witsandnuts said…
I'm participating for the September swap, too. Kinda exciting and nakakapressure cause I'm not really that good. But I'm assuring my swap partner (that's secret pala!) that I'd be working in high spirits for the 4 deliverables. =)

Gosh, I realized just now. I've never posted the swap meme pala!
javaqueen14 said…
I'm so happy for you that you are joining into this; good for you! Also, don't ever say you are not as creative as the rest, you ARE YOU! And, you are original! I love your writing too... so you rock on girl!
Leah said…
i am joining for the first time as well. Am excited too. We are sort of same in our likes. My sister is great in this jewelry/beading craft which I am trying to learn but i am inclined to say, it isnt really my forte. It is so lovely to see all the different beads and all the little ornaments and tools too.

good luck in yours.

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