National Tourism Week in the City

What makes you proud of your country, your place in particular?

Last week, Gensan celebrated its National Tourism Week and we chanced upon many things that we never expected it to be seen in the city. The city government has chosen to present an exhibit of the antiques that were found in the area. Hubby and I went around and had the chance to take shots of these treasures.

Many of them are no longer functional, they were of course, aged. But in remembering how our ancients have lived with these things, these stuffs make us wonder in awe, and recalling how these are being valued, I would like to share them all to you!

This first pic is not an antique, but this sculpture, if you may call it that, is composed of trash, all trash and recyclable materials the designer has gathered in order to make this wonderful and amazing work of art. The center of all the exhibit, I may say, although somewhat farthest from the exhibit site, is this. I feel relieved that people like the designer would think about designing things like this with the use of scrap, it not only helps the environment, but it creates awareness that we must reuse and recycle in order to help save Mother Earth.

a fire extinguisher
very old one that you have to untangle stuffs first before you put out the fire,
i dunno how they work but it is not the one-click fire extinguisher we have nowadays.

a phonograph
I was surprised when I passed by this corner here and amazed that the thing still works, hehehe... it makes music. Inside that octagon box is a cd player, hehehe,
that provided the sound we heard while passing by.

a Polaroid camera, cool no?
Just take a look at the lens, very sturdy yet, very delicate-looking.
At the back is a pocket where they insert the film, and you know Polaroid,
one swish of the film, there's the image!

a set of images
the collector of these items have found these treasure while visiting other places,
and so, these things did not come only from here, but other places as well.

Different kinds of baskets are in the collection,
very brittle and old, they remind me of my lola's baskets while we were young.

a set of glasses
with the intricate design they have, you would surely tell they must have been expensive during their times of popularity!

a two-stringed violin
how can one use this I don't know, but this sure made a good sound when strung for it to be featured here...

Water tins, they are being used by soldiers when in war and while in transit to places.

The recalling of the history has been carefully taught in our Social Studies, we must value these things because they speak of the past. I may be looking forward to the future, but trying to value the past makes us proud of our roots.

Come on, share what your place should be proud of!


glenville said…
the old polaroid camera is cool! (i thought it was a humungous pencil sharpener at first hehe).
sheng said…
Hi glenville, welcome to my place. Yeps, at first sight, I thought it was an olden pencil sharpener, hahaha, judging from the shape it projects, it sure looks like one. Thanks for the visit!
Sinta said…
I love looking through antiques. They have so much more character than anything new created now.
witsandnuts said…
I enjoy checking exhibits/ fair like that. I'd love to touch that Polaroid. Such a collector's item. I am from Laguna. And just like Gensan, it is also rich in history. Thanks for sharing the photos. =)
Gracie said…
Oh those are so cool. It's been a while since I last visited an exhibit like that.

Oh by the way, Sheng, I sent you an email earlier :)
kayni said…
My dad has one of those water tins. Amazing what remnants of history still exist.
iceah said…
wow! another good one i'll feature this again c:
Heart of Rachel said…
Those are wonderful things. A reminder of a rich heritage.

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