Quick Update

To All friends who follow on my blog:

Thank you so much for making the effort to visit, and while I am away for the meantime, I want to let you know that I enjoyed my Bora getaway.

Last Friday, 17, we went to Cebu for a one night stopover in order to wait for another flight to Caticlan, and while we were there, the kids, hubby and I had no time to waste. We visited The Basilica del St. Niño, the Magellan's Cross, Fort San Pedro, and The Lapu-lapu Shrine.

The trip to Bora was the best, although what I got aside from the beautiful experience, is the sunburnt back, it was the best.

This day, until Friday, we are scheduled to visit relatives here in Iloilo City and what best to visit in Iloilo than the beautiful olden churches!

Come Saturday, hubby and I are scheduled to visit Bacolod for a night visit, and back to Iloilo again to continue touring the city.

I will be visiting your blogs, promise! I haven't edited our pics yet, so please wait awhile. I know some of you are excited on it as I am to post it. But I am truly enjoying here that I cannot find the good time to post pics yet, kinda' busy strolling Ilonggo roots. I have finally visited all of your blogs, and commented away on each entry, and I will be visiting as often as I can.

Thank you all for waiting. I hope you enjoy yourselves. And god bless you all.


Heart of Rachel said…
I'm glad you're having a great time with your family. Looking forward to seeing those photos.

Take care!
Jeanny said…
wow vacation galore!
We will wait for your pics with updates!

Take care sis & enjoy
witsandnuts said…
I'm glad you had time to get around a little of Cebu. I remember I was so excited to get to Lapu Lapu Shrine. But incidentally shocked to see that Lapu Lapu wears something like a diaper. Lol. =)

I miss Iloilo's butterscotch and La Paz Bachoy. Did you get to have a bite of the authentic inasal while in Bacolod? I gained much weight in my 2 weeks stay there. Best food and people.

I'm excited to see your photos, especially those taken in Bora. Take your time and have quality time with your family. =) Btw, thanks for the bookmarks and card. Really made my day.
kg said…
Welcome back Sheng! I missed you ha!

Inggit ako...kung san san ka nagpupunta ha! But I'm happy you enjoyed your Boracay trip. Enjoy ka rin sa Bacolod and Iloilo!
Blue Rose said…
it's nice to know that you are enjoying your vacation with your family... take your take sheng. we will wait for the pictures and more kwento of course.

take care always. ENJOY!
Blue Rose said…
it's nice to know that you are enjoying your vacation with your family... take your time sheng. we will wait for the pictures and more kwento of course.

take care always. ENJOY!
TPS said…
You're back! Pretty sure you had a good time.
I love Camp San Pedro, and I would really want to go back to Cebu.
Sinta said…
Glad you're enjoying your break :) Have Fun!
Mai da Paypay said…
coolness! you're in ILOILO!!!

i'm Ilonnga, pureblood. heek. and I recommend:

1) wolfing native chicken in Tatoy's

2) getting gluttonous with both Ted's and Deco's batchoy (then try to compare)

3) get a complete kikay everything -- mani, pedi, hot oil, spa, all of them because they all cost ridiculously cheap in iloilo

4) visit the growing Nuestra Señora de Candelaria in Jaro

5) buy Guimaras mangoes, nylon shells, sugpo, crabs and lobsters from Roxas

6) stuff your intestines with oysters -- enough to last you five centuries

7) say a little prayer in Miag ao Church

8) cross the strait, frolick in Guimaras beaches and hike in Guimaras mountains

9) visit Museo Iloilo and watch one season of Dinagyang. hehe

10) JUST HAVE FUN! Ilonggos are very friendly. So don't worry about anything, it's a very sunshiny city.
Kayni said…
I'm glad to hear your having a wonderful time. Be safe! I can't wait to see your photos.
REDLAN said…
uy sa iloilo ka ngayon? wow. I am from Molo. enjoy your vacation!
Java said…
Nice, cannot wait to see pictures!
BlogusVox said…
If you enjoyed Boracay, it means it already recovered from Frank's devastation. I hope its the same in Kalibo.

I'm glad you have a swell vacation. Pakita naman ng pictures.
iluvgreen said…
pictures naman dyan.. heheh i like your new theme.. so inviting :)
Asian Traveler said…
Hey, I'll be waiting for your posts about IloIlo and Bacolod. I have not yet visited to these places.

Btw, care to exchange links. :)
Asian Traveler said…
Out of topic:
That was fast. Thanks for the link and I've added you as well. Have a nice day my friend. :)
caryn said…
we'll be waiting for your pics sweetie! have fun! ;-)
Regayumi said…
I love to see your photos of your bora, iloilo and bacolod escapade...I'm sure you really had a great time in those places.

Btw, I just gave you an award at http://regayumi.blogspot.com/2008/10/my-first-award-from-mommy-ruby.html

I like the new design of your site especially the red couch.It's really inviting...

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