Seven Random Things About Me!

Hi guys!

KG tagged me with this. And since I am still here in Iloilo, i will be posting the pics and my travelog next week. Meanwhile, have a peek at me. Here's to answer the tag:

1. First off, i don't like to eat talong and sitaw, (eggplants and string beans) i dunno, but when there are dishes that contain these, i move them to the sides of the plate.

2. I love to sleep on my left side. Hubby sleeps on his right, so we sleep with our backs facing each other. Cool or uncool?

3. I hate Maths! Algebra, Trigonometry, and everything associated with numbers, except my paycheck!

4. I love to find errors in spellings, especially when i read posters, letters and everything readable. Call of duty ba?

5. I don't understand html, yes, I find it hard to understand the vars and sides and blahblahs, hubby made this new theme for me, thanks sweetie. Hmmm, what do you think of my new theme by the way?

6. I love to read, anything, especially Archie Digests! Haha, pang-high school!

7. When everyone else has tasted Choc-Nut, I just discovered, I haven't. What? Yes, I haven't tasted Choc-Nut but I do love its copycat, Hany. Question: same taste ba?

So there, for the meanwhile that I am gone, suffice yourselves with this one guys. I am coming back, very very soon, and promise, lotsa photos to come!

Thanks guys! Feel free to get this tag. I would love to know more of you. Please tag back to me or comment away if you did so I can follow...


BlogusVox said…
I like your "new look". Simple but elegant. Did you know that there is a famous photographer (forgot his name) whose photographs always include a red sofa?
kg said…
Thanks sheng! Sarap magbasa about each other and get to know each other better ano?

I also love Archie comics...and hate math! :)
Mai da Paypay said…
Why do you hate math??!! Why oh why??!!! haha :-)

pareho tayo! mahilig mag check ng mga spellings, etc. i think tawag saten...mapanlait. haha!
iluvgreen said…
1. i hate numbers too
2. according to pamahiin, couple who sleep with their backs facing each other is bad, why can't remember why, sorry, i let you know kapag naalala ko ehehe
Kayni said…
i can't believe you haven't tasted choc nut i like choc nut better than hany. great to read more stuff about you. i am looking forward to the pics.
witsandnuts said…
Choc Nut is better than Hany. =)

Your blog's new theme is refreshing.
teeni said…
Oh, the change in theme is very pretty over here, Sheng! My husband and I sleep like you and your hubby. I can think of one good thing - on cold nights, it is nice to snuggle up against his warm back. Mmmm. :) I like talong and sitaw (now I know new words for eggplant and string beans) but I don't like math either. Most things that have chocolate I like too. This was fun to read about you. I hope you are having a good time. I'm looking forward to your photos when you get back. But take care and have fun - that is the most important.
LOVE the new look! Hope you're having lots of piaya!
Rico said…
Nice theme! Simple and clean. I like!
My wife and I also sleep like that. It's perfectly normal.
Blue Rose said…
your new theme is pretty cool. i like it sheng.

hey, i love math!

nice tag, pag-iisipan ko kung gusto ko ba syang e steal sa'yo. marami pa akong pending works eh. i'll just let you know.

take care always.
SleeplessInKL said…
nice new look to your 'place' sheng. looking forward to the bora pics.

too bad your hubby's blog doesn't allow posts from non-blogger members (anonymous or name/URL type).

enjoy the rest of your trip!
Anonymous said…
love love love the new theme!!! :) napapa-smile ako pag visit ako dito. feels really home-y.

and why do you hate math!!?? math simplifies. errr... or at least that's what my math55 prof said. :P
Regayumi said…
Hi Sheng,
I answer's the link:
Jen said…
Sheng! I like your new theme. :)

I have a new blog address, btw.
bem said…
this was fun to read and i love the new "vampy" look.
jeanny said…
nice answers. I was tag with this too...Magawa nga :)
jeanny said…
YOu dont eat sitao and talong...hay both are my fave.

I love the new theme ha. I tried this before kaso nahirapan akong mag edit...kaya I used a more simplified theme...hahhaa

Kami ni hubs sleep na magka akap pag naka on ang aircon...but if brownout hay para kaming magkagalit. hahaha

lastly...hindi ka pa nakakatikim ng's the best hahaha.
Mas masarap ang Hany.
REDLAN said…
masarap matulog sa sofa. red pa naman. ayaw mo pala ng talong. I hate math too pero dyan rin ako bumagsak na field. And I don't know how to apply html. natatakot ako baka ma-mess ang blog ko.

Mukhang busy ka naman ng nadito ka sa Iloilo. Hindi tayo nagcontact-an. Am sure hinahabol nyo ang time nyo dito. Ambilis no, andiyan na kayo sa gensan.
allen said…
Miga, Love the layout- singgana si rikoy himoan nya man ko. I tot nahatag ko na dati blog ko sa imo pero here's my blog addy gali -

wabs you and see you soon!

caryn said…
hahhaah! pareho kayo ni juls about the talong ;-) he hates them with a passion ;-)
mordsith said…
i also hate math and automatically read things, and yes find errors,whenever i saw words. haha. are items 3 and 4 really go together? :)

i'd include you in my links, hope it's not ok. :)
Anonymous said…
I love the new theme. I love string beans and algebra too. Of course I love anything chocolate. It was nice learning some more about you. I hope you are having a wonderful time.
I am Mike said…
"2. I love to sleep on my left side. Hubby sleeps on his right, so we sleep with our backs facing each other. Cool or uncool?"

Uncool if you sleep on the left side of the bed, and Ric on the right. This will be cool when you sleep on the right side of the bed, and Ric on the left, which makes you face each other :-)
katcarneo said…
I prefer choc-nut over Hany---it seems tome that the latter is too darn sweet!

I also like finding spelling errors, but the thing is, I am not careful with my typing and I end up committing many errors myself!

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