Trusting the Net for Purchases

I have been so apprehensive at buying online, especially products that require much amount and you have to deposit online payment. I feel like I don't really trust some people on the net for purposes of sales and purchases. But hubby has been seeking for a new lens to bring to Boracay, and with his search, he came upon ebay. I have told him to carefully scrutinize the people he has to contact with and transact with.

Hubby is a trusting person. When he first bought his SLR Camera, he also contacted a person on the net, and he was able to buy his toy at a cheaper price than in the stalls at the malls. He went straight to Manila to get his purchase. Then there's this lens that he had to check on the net too.

He deposited a somewhat large amount to pay for that lens, and my heart was pounding double when he deposited the money to the seller's account. I am paranoid with this stuffs because there are just a lot of scams going on in the net nowadays that you have to be really careful.

After the deposit, he chatted with the seller and waited for the outcome.

He deposited the money last Tuesday, and since Wednesday was a holiday here in the Philippines, we waited for the parcel to arrive expecting it on a Thursday.

What surprise we had when the courier arrived in the gate and asking for hubby! And so his new toy accessory has arrived.

Thanks so much for some trustworthy people in the net. Only, you really have to be careful. First off, if you want to make purchases over the net, make sure it is a safe seller, and the profile is believable. In ebay, buyers have to drop a feedback on the seller's attitude towards his customers and that you'll know if he is a trusted person for your purchase. So you can read reviews on the seller's reputation.

I guess when you buy, you have to trust your instinct. If you feel like you are okey with the deal, go, but carefully check on details.

I have learned to trust the net for my purchases, but I will still be careful.

Here's what we got from ebay's good service.

This lens is what we bought from ebay.

This is his camera, the one lens with the hood is the shorter one,
and can only shoot to short distances.

The new lens is a beauty, perfect for taking long distance shots in Boracay!

Our guilty pleasure, ahem, well, hubby's guilty pleasure!


teeni said…
Wow. That's a great looking camera. I know what you mean about being so anxious and waiting on something when you have put the money out for it. I'm glad it worked out well for you and it is always good to be careful and do some background checking. You just gave me some good ideas so thank you!
Michael Peligro said…
It's really nerve-wracking to buy on ebay. I remember a reputable ebay seller who scammed Job (the owner of digital pinoy here in Gensan). It was a harrowing experience for him. I'm glad it didn't happen to you.

It's time to finally relax and enjoy the lens! A lens with a focal length like that can help much in taking pictures of the moon. Do take some moon shots soon :-)
Sinta said…
I find when I pay via credit card even through paypal, if I see that the seller is not coming up with the goods, I just contact paypal or my credit card company and they get my money back for me.
TPS said…
I'm addicted to Ebay, and so far, the problems I've had were with the buyers (kulet, deadbeat, sobrang makatawad). Of course, there are bad, bad sellers (who don't seem to believe in karma, may they be reincarnated as cockroaches, hehehehe), but careful scrutiny of their feedback helps a lot. BTW, I have an Ebay secret---email ko sa iyo. Pero secret talaga ha?
ms firefly said…
if you pay with paypal, you always have buyer protection, you can always complain against the seller and paypal will return your money. :)

that's my dream camera. whew. beautiful sheng!
Rico said…
I really want to buy stuff from but always backing out. But I do buy stuff from Amazon, though more pricey.
Nice cam! Have a safe Bora trip!
Anonymous said…
would love a camera like that!
myminiheart said…
hi sheng, im afraid too to give my credit card info online..that prevents me from buying online even if im dying to buy the product...

anyhow, yay for you, nice cam...
Jeanny said…
I am drooling over those wicked lens...they are yummy :)
I am saving money for that!

Now...I so love you sheng. I received your goodies already. Thank you so much. I love them and your card almost made me cry...touch kasi ako :)

Salamat ng marami kapatid and hope makapunta ko jan sa gensan ;)

Oh...I will blog about this this weekend :)
witsandnuts said…
Wow! All set for Bora. :)

I use Pay Pal for my online purchases just like Sinta.
iceah said…
hubby mo pla si kyawster ha! found out just now c: pareho kayo ng cam na fineature ngayon e c: hehehe c:
Heart of Rachel said…
Glad the transaction went smoothly. I've never tried buying anything on the net before.
iceah said…
here again have something for you and your hubby c:
Anonymous said…
that is very interesting. i too am apprehensive about buying through the net but my relatives tell me it is okay. that toy of your hubby is sure a winner!
Blue Rose said…
wow! ready for the bora trip. great looking camera.

correct ka jan sheng. sa panahon ngayon nakakatakot nga magtiwala ng basta-basta. hindi mo alam kung sino ang mabuti at sino ang hindi. pero buti nalang you already got the lens. laking luwag sa pakiramdam.
sheng said…
Thanks guys, for having the time to read about this, you all made me happy with making the effort to comment on this post. Love you guys!
glenville said…
yes, it really is better to use paypal. my husband ordered an item on ebay and the product did not arrive. thankfully, after entering a dispute on paypal, he was refunded. and it was pretty fast too.
SleeplessInKL said…
1) i've bought tons of things online and as long as i use secure payment, i feel secure.

a few years back, i got a weird transaction in my credit card bill, so i filed a complaint, the credit card company refunded me and issued me a new card. no other issues from that time on.

2) for photography equipment, i prefer to buy from authorised dealers so that i get the warranty. but if you're buying 2nd hand, different story lah.

3) don't think of your hubby's photo gear as a "guilty pleasure". instead, consider it an investment because he can make good money from photography :) just keep an eye on him lest he start buying more lenses. it's kinda addictive ;)

Anonymous said…
I WANT THAT CAMERA, I'm glad he got it okay and that he's having so much fun with his photo's. I really want one of those. I don't want much in the way of "material" things but I would SO LOVE TO have a camera that nice.....

Maybe one day?

I'm so glad it worked out for you!
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