The Getaway (Part 3): One Day In Bacolod

It truly was a great time when we were in Boracay, the kids enjoyed it and so did we. Very meaningful vacation for us because we had the chance to bond, after all the busy days in the office and the business, that Bora trip was really something to be treasured. But there's more! After we had the Bora experience, Hubby's brother asked us to visit Iloilo first, time to visit relatives and friends.

Iloilo is nice, but before I blog about Iloilo, I will have to tell you about my trip to Bacolod. This is hubby and me's first time in Negros Occidental and mind you, it was wonderful!

The trip to Bacolod was cool, we had to ride a fastcraft, we rode Mr. Weesam. We did not bring the kids as to not spoil the fun.

For an hour we sailed towards the City of Smiles. The waves were splashing against our boat, and many people who have motion sickness just culdn't handle them, but if you ask me, well, I was asleep. The whole time we were sailing I was asleep because I just didn't have enough sleep with the excitement. So you see me here, taking a fitful sleep. I was awake by the time we docked though. And I opened my eyes to see Beautiful Bacolod!

sleeping onboard Mr. Weesam

My friend Andrew was already there at the port waiting for us. I was darn excited to see him. Andrew is a long lost childhood friend. He is our former pastor's son and we had very good memories together, we sang duet during church gatherings, taught Bible stories to kids, joined in out-station projects to teach kids. But while he was in grade 4, and me in third grade, we had to separate ways as his Dad was assigned to a different place. And so for 17 years, we haven't seen each other. We only had a chance to communicate with each other through friendster. Fate, I assume, is still working.

He toured us around the city. And these are some of the places we visited. Most of the pics were at the Panaad Park and Stadium where the past Palarong Pambansa was held. And to take note, some of the ASEAN Games too!

Panaad Park features all the municipalities and cities of Negros Occidental, and all of them has constructed a miniature replica of their place in just one place alone, for all to see.

Andrew and me

Panaad Park, Mansilingan, Bacolod City


I dunno what municipality featured this alimango (crab) but this sure is huge.

old train from La Carlota, they used this train to transport sugar canes to places

Mask Of Bacolod

as it is, Bacolod is the only place that has its famous Masskara Festival

Cave Replica at the Panaad

Cool Lagoon

Andrew took this shot of Hubby and ME

This is what made me ooh and ahhh... the new Bacolod City Hall

Nothing beats the joy of seeing friends for a reunion, that is what I believe, but the tour of the city was a bonus. We could not stay longer because we left the kids back in Iloilo, so we had to go back that very afternoon. We had to say goodbye to Andrew for the meantime but we hope to be back soon, and not miss the Masskara Festival.

If nothing beats the joy of reuniting, one can even be happier meeting new friends! While onboard the boat back to Iloilo, here's making new friends with Emz Chua.

See, friendships are the best! So, thanks for taking the time to read this my friends!

Last but Not Least: Feasting Time in Iloilo


iceah said…
love the pics c: haven't read everything yet c; anyway welcome back c:
bursky said…
i'm amazed at the new city hall!!! parang pwedeng ilagay sa pera ah? :P
Sinta said…
Oh, I wish I was there!
Alice Teh said…
Hi Sheng! You have a great blog and those photos are beautiful! I enjoy reading your posts.

BTW, I've subscribed to your blog via RSS. :)
iluvgreen said…
wow, para kang nag marathon ng bakasyon yon, sarap kaka inggit..
Regayumi said…
Hi Sheng,

Another wow! You really had an exciting adventure from Bora to Bacolod this time. From your pictures, I can say that Bacolod is a must-see place. When I would hear Bacolod the first thing that would come into my mind is their chicken inasal and now their beautiful sceneries too. I hope I could go there someday.

And there’s nothing can be more special than seeing an old friend again…

Happy weekends!
Kayni said…
i like the "mask of bacolod." really cool! and the huge mushroom, aside from eating mushrooms, i still think elves live in them =). and that big crab should be deliciously lovely travel photos!

do check out the discussion on my blog. you might want to leave a comment.
I'm fighting back homesick pangs! Glad you had fun, Sheng! :)
ms firefly said…
i've never been to bacolod!
i made some friends from bacolod years ago, and this post made me remember them. i would love to go there one day, for one, i love how they talk! hehe
witsandnuts said…
It must be wonderful to reunite with a long lost friend. =) Bacolod has so much to offer. My favorite area there aside from the museums, is the Mambukal Falls (boating and hiking). Of course, I love the seafoods especially those from Aboy's. =)

Looking forward to your Iloilo post. Enjoy the weekend!
princess_dyanie said…
wow bacolod? so where's the inasal and napoleones? heheheh ;P
javaqueen14 said…
I wrote a comment, and lost it- GAH! Anyway, you are so lucky to have these experiences, I could only dream of going to such an awesome place! I'm in awe of all the pictures and the "Mask Of Bacolod" is wicked cool! You look so happy and it brings me joy to see such a nice person like yourself out having the time of her life (along with the family, of course!)
Much Love Sheng!
Mai da Paypay said…
sheng, did you know, Pogiji got seasick during the boatride from Bacolod to Iloilo! (you said your trip was quite rocky too i wonder if your hubby got seasick din) that's how i discovered he's quite seasick! haha!
allen said…
sheng, nice kaayo tong tree na mask ba. :) I enjoyed the photos gid :)
REDLAN said…
grabde. in-explore talga nyo as in sinulit nyo ang bakasyon. ako nga malapit sa bacolod hindi masyado nakakapasyal dun. dito ko pa lang nakita ng ibang view sa bacolod. pagpunta ko dun ng oct 1 inauguration ng city hall pero hindi ko man lang nasilayan. thanks for sharing.
SleeplessInKL said…
The 'Mask of Bacolod' looks amazing! I wonder how they did that? (I'll google it up after I post this comment hehe.)
teeni said…
Yay! Another beautiful spot! That is really very cool how each municipality had it's own miniature replicas! I love that kind of thing - it is always fun for photos! The lagoon was fantastic! Ahh, but yes, friends are the best! :)
caryn said…
aba! i haven't been to panaad pa. hehehe. will have the hubby take me there when we go home in december ;-)
Heart of Rachel said…
Those are beautiful photos. I've never been to Bacolod but I have a few friends who live there.

That tree with a mask carving is amazing.
Rico said…
It looked fun with all the miniatures! One of my wife's bestfriends live there. She's always been nagging us to visit her. Family name of Zayco I think.
the donG said…
we actually have almost the same route. i was in bacolod, then went to iloilo then to boracay and back to iloilo and bacolod.

i was supposed to visit the new city hall but the weather was almost gloomy everyday when we were there. so i decided to go to victorias and don salvador instead.
Garando said…
Though I wasn't born there, I grew up in Bacolod. Looking at your photos made me so nostalgic... I haven't visited in over 2 years and it sure looks like a lot has changed.

I also heard their new airport is really nice.

Since it looks like you had a Visayan tour, did you get a chance to try La Paz Batchoy? Or Kansi (their version of bulalo)?

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