Creepy Art... or Not?

My family went to Davao early this year, just to enjoy bonding together as a family. We don't have any relatives in Davao City but a little adventure with the kids is what we really want to have, so off we went and toured Davao City's finest stops. Our feet were tired and sore from all the walking to and fro, we brought the kids to the Davao People's Park, to the Crocodile Park, Colasa's Barbeque Street, and some malls.

We searched for a hotel to sleep over and found Ponce Suites. The weary kids were no longer interested to tour the hotel as we went back past 11pm, until the following morning, and goodness gracious, the hotel alone, was a tourist spot. It was actually hubby's idea to visit this place because he has heard so much from this hotel.

Hence, I will show you what we have seen...

This is the aisle of the hotel. Up the ceiling were crawling ants.
If you take a close look at them, there are some pics of the sweets the ants were craving for and so answers why they are up there.

The walls of the hotel were decorated as well with different things, all recycled from trash. "Surely one man's trash is another man's gold."

Every door is decorated with different works of art, all faces. This one is our door.

No part of the wall is vacant, some with paintings, photographs, shells, even sands!

We have to go upstairs to enjoy and discover the fully art-covered hotel, you see, even the area near the stairs are fully covered with photographs, collections and takes of the artist himself, Kublai Millan. His works have already been featured in ABS-CBN's Rated K.

Up, up and there's a library with old books and paintings up the ceiling too.
See the cans of paints hanging there? The artist collected them and turned them
into a decorative design. Such artwork eh?

This is the stairs going up the coffee shop, the strong iron bars the artist used were scraps
and was made to be into this cool stairs resembling a lizard.

Outside the hotel, we can see this bronze sculptures, Kublai Millan sculpted them himself.

Davao City houses the Philippine Eagle. It even has the Philippine Eagle Center in Kalinan,
and so this explains the sculpture here, as tribute to the Philippine Eagle.

Another eagle artwork.

Whatever this is, it's a beauty! Story of evolution?

Of course, Davao is famous for it's durian, and Kublai Millan has featured this durian in this hotel so beautifully we cannot stop clicking our camera, the old point and shoot. Too bad we could have gotten nicer shots had the big cam arrived earlier, teehee.

Me and Tabebs having our pic taken behind this Waling-waling sculpture.
Waling-waling orchids are plenty in Davao.

Forgive me, I don't know if these are still sculptures or monuments as they are so big. You may want to ask me about the inside of the room, no, it was not full of artworks, it was cool, plain cream-colored room, a nice lampshade, beautiful flowery hand-paintings on frames. No ants up the ceiling! Visit Davao if you wanna see this for yourself. =)

Now, eerie or nice?

Not an advertisement,merely a post of experiences and travels.


Regayumi said…
Hi Sheng,

Wow! I’m impressed with the artist who made those paintings. It’s a wonderful experience for your kids to see them live and let them appreciate the beauty of arts. I believe that experience is the best teacher for all so it’s not surprising that your kids are smart.

Have a nice weekend!
witsandnuts said…
I missed that when I was in Davao. It's not really creepy, but like the bizarre houses being featured in TV shows before. The ants were huge. =) Happy weekend, Sheng!
REDLAN said…
GREAT IDEA OF HAVING BUSINESS TOUCHED WITH ARTWORKS. Sorry for the capslock. am working. hehehe. great post to read.

hindi ko 'tong episode napanood sa rated K. galing ng pinoy! teka pinoy ba yung owner?
sheng said…
@regayumi: yeah, we were also impressed with the artist who did that, he wasted no time in doing all those stuffs and he continues to develop more art in that hotel.

@witsandnuts: Sayang, it was just a block away from Gmall in Bajada, DC. As in maganda siya, when you go to Davao next time, you should see that hotel.

@redlan: yes, pinoy ang artist, ang galing no?
kg said…
what a very nice and one-of-a-kind hotel! it's uniqueness gives it its edge.

I remember davao for the sunflowers (my favorite) growing by the side of the street. ganda! :)
iluvgreen said…
wow, nice idea for the hotel owner and galing ng artist.

i'll visit that one day. oi ang dami trip nyo this year ha, ang saya.
Mai da Paypay said…
hi sheng, definitely nice! i love the idea that so much effort has been put to make this place that memorable. :-)
sheng said…
@kg: as in one-of-a-kind talaga no? comfy din naman siya tulugan, a friend find it eerie though, hehehe...

@iluvgreen: yes, mich, galing talaga ng artist, he was also the one who designed Davao people's park.

@maidapaypay: as in, much effort talaga, grabe siguro ang ideas puring into his brain, hehehe...
Alice Teh said…
Those are nice photos! I like the hotel's concept. I hope to have the chance to visit it one day. :)

Have a good weekend!
Rico said…
Interesting hotel! And I kinda like the lizard staircase. Genius!
But I'm having second thoughts staying there (not because it creeps me out), I just don't think I can take that much "art."
the donG said…
creepy but also cool! looks like you travel so often and what's good is you're family is always with you.

we're enjoying every post here.
Lawstude said…
hello. that is indeed different. art is everywhere. napunta na ko davao last year and maganda talaga yung place. thanks for sharing.
jeanny said…
great work of ant...este art. Very creative. If someone is looking for a different kind of ambiance, this hotel would be a great pick.

happy weekend sheng!
BlogusVox said…
This reminds of the "House on the Rock" with its futuristic yet eerie design and its equally weird art exibition.
Heart of Rachel said…
What a unique, interesting and lovely place. Thanks for sharing all these great photos. Hope I can go there someday.
Garando said…
Wow! I looked at the photos first before reading the post, so I was quite suprised to find out that's a hotel! I thought you were in some gallery or something.
Kayni said…
i thought the hotel is so cool. that's one place that interests me. thanks for the photos.
teeni said…
Slightly creepy but in a fun way! That is a really interesting place. I bet the kids love the ants on the ceiling. I thought it was cute! So much to see!
Blue Rose said…
wow! so unique and a nice place to stay. galing naman naman ng idea na yan.

thanks for sharing the pictures and your adventures. mukhang ito ang year of fun and adventure nyong mag-anak ah.
Gracie said…
That's very unique, although I will most likely not stay there. I don't mind the sculptures so much as they're outside, but the inside looks a little too much for me, eerie, and too busy for my liking. I like a hotel where I can relax, but with this one, it looks like my mind will wander everywhere.
REDLAN said…
busy ka ngayon? ito pasilip silip kung may bagong post. take your time sheng.
Asian Traveler said…
I know this hotel but I never got the chance to visit the place when I was in Davao. All I know is that the owner is a great sculptor, a digital artist, art photographer and a painter. His name is Kublai Millan of Davao, a truly talented artist.
iceah said…
wow, I would love to go there too c:
mahilig kming family sa art works e c:
Toni said…
Ang galing! Parang walang nasasayang sa lugar na 'yan. I find it a bit eerie but very artsy :D

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