Of Achievements and Resolutions

Summing up 2008, I'd say it was a BUSY year for us. Busy because we had so much to do, to take care of. But of all the things we did, the best that came to us and what we are most thankful for is the purchase of our DSLR Camera. It dawned on us to buy one because business is good and we need to compete with the growing industry we are circulating in. The DSLR has accompanied us to places we have been to and of course, the most exciting travel we did was the Cebu-Boracay-Iloilo. The travel was well worth it, precious moments with the family and valuable joys with Nature. Family and all that it has achieved has made me strong and hoping for more. All glory to God for this achievements.

For the coming 2009, one of my resolutions is the longest resolution I have kept, longest because I always fail in doing this. There's more to the resolution list so I want to share it with you, the longest I have kept still tops it, of course.

5. lessen my unsolicited commenting to people around me
(not that I comment bad, I just have to lessen!)
4. more time with kids and hubby
3. lessen shopping and saving more
2. getting a breather for 2009

and of course!

1. lessen my Coke intake.

Let me also share to you the things I and hubby plans to achieve within 2009. And please help me pray to achieve them.

5. Buy a laptop.
4. Buy our LCD TV.
3. Buy new cabinets for our own house.
2. Buy a car.

All these things are actually things we need before we can achieve the first on the list.

1. Move into our own house!

So please God, give me strength to endure things and achieve all these in 2009.

Happy New Year Guys! I love you all!


Lawstude said…
goodluck sheng. kaya nyo yan.

happy new year!!!
Anonymous said…
sheng happy new year! have faith, i know lahat yan magagawa! 2009 will be teh best year of our lives!
kg said…
Oh! I also have to minimize my Coke intake! :)

Sheng, I hope you get all your dreams for 2009. I pray you do get to move in your own house. A nice person like you deserves it!

Happy new year to you and your family sheng! Mwah!
ms firefly said…
happy new year sheng and the family!
"delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart". all the best to you in the new year, and may all your dreams come true!

God bless!

sending you much love from dublin! <3
Jeanny said…
Happy New Year Sheng. Great blessings...God is good!!!!
Alice Teh said…
God bless you and your family too, Sheng! May you achieve all that you have set out to do in 2009. Happy New Year!
Garando said…
Best of luck Sheng! Nothing's out of reach if you put your heart to it! ;)

Happy new year to you and your family!
AngelMD-No-More said…
happy new year sheng! twas nice meeting you here in blogosphere. will include you in my prayers. maybe next year, you can post these plans as achievements already.=) God bless you and your family always.
Anonymous said…
I hope all your New Year's wishes come true! Have a wonderful New Year, Sheng!!
Heart of Rachel said…
Happy New Year Sheng! Wishing you a great 2009. May you achieve all your goals this year.
makisali narin..he he he,yakang yaka nyo yan!.:)
eks said…
nice, sheng. sana nga, you'll be able to move to your new house. it's also my (and my family's) #1 goal for this year.

masaganang bagong taon!
iluvgreen said…
Amen! My wish for you, your hubby and the rest of your family is good HEALTH so you'll be able to achieve all of these things. May God bless you all.
TPS said…
May everything you wish for this year comes true!
REDLAN said…
First off, happy new year sau sheng at sa whole family mo. Wish i-grant Niya agad ang mga i-achieve this year.

yung sa new year's resolutions mo, magkapareho tayo. especially yung number 3, number one ko yan. hehehe. next yung number four, gusto ko rin yan para sa family ko tapos ying number 5. minsan kasi hindi ko alam nakasakit na ako ng feelings ng iba pero hindi ko naman, nimi-mean yun. lessen talaga. yung coke intake, natupad ko na siya last month. hehehe.

kaya goodluck sau! more blessings to come!
sunny said…
Happy New Year Sheng!!!

BlogusVox said…
As for your dream house; kayang kaya nyo yan, as long as you stay focus. Happy new year uli, sheng!
the donG said…
we will pray for your family sheng. im sure with the way you approach things, it's not impossible.

at least you have a good family. in the first place that's something you can already be grateful.
teeni said…
Hi Sheng! Happy New Year! That is an impressive list you have there. It will take some work, but I have no doubt that you can achieve those goals. May the new year bring you love, laughter, good health and good fortune! Hugs to you!
mordsith said…
a prosperous new year to you and your family, sheng!

i also want to have an lcd tv. hehe. :)
Blue Rose said…
goodluck sheng! kayang-kaya nyo yan.

happy new year to you and your family.
LOREN said…
Happy happy New Year! God Bless you always.
sheng said…
To All who posted their encouragements here, thanks so much to all of you! God bless. Hoping we can achieve everything we ask for. Thanks so much!
katcarneo said…
Hmmmmm, good luck on your New Year's resolutions! I have one which is quite the opposite of yours---I resolve to shop more this year and spoil myself rotten.

I wish you and your family good health to maximize the "more time" you'll be spending together.
glenville said…
hi sheng! i'm making a little prayer that you achieve all the goals you've set for yourself and your family in 2009. all the best!
princess_dyanie said…
sheng, now lang ako nagka time mag internet kaya now lang ako makakapag post ng aking mga comments hehe ;P

go go go sa more time! :) and syempre yung sa pag move sa new house! so kelan ang housewarming ahehehe :)

NO to softdrinks! hihihi! :)

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